MAYDAY!! Travel/flight wizard required... URGENT!!

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  • Seriously though, sounds shit. No useful ideas beyond building a raft I'm afraid. Best of luck.

  • I have dual UK/Australian citizenship and have been in the UK since February. I have a house, etc. all sitting empty at the moment but I've been lucky to be able to work remotely in this time - there is no way I can get back to Perth with any certainty.

    Having Aus citizenship doesn't give priority to move up the list for the airlines - nothing to do until I get a confirmed seat, but every email I've received is just to advise my booking has been rescheduled. On top of that today's announcement won't exactly help my cause.

  • Edit:False hope, flight non transferable.

  • Ah, not to worry.
    Only just rechecked thread so didn't have a chance to get my hopes up.

  • Have you spoken to the Australian Embassy about this?

  • Also, if it’s a matter of getting a first class ticket in order to get past the cap I’m sure LFGSS can raise the funds.

  • About a thousand times over email, phone, I tried to storm the place but they refused me entry.

    The consulate have their hands tied, next to useless, can't offer any assistance.

    Thing is at this stage I don't know if a bump in ticket will even help.

  • I wonder if we can ask BA (say) what the score would be with First Class and actually getting on the flight?

  • Idk, need somebody in the system to figure that out for me.

  • The earliest first class seat I could find was for November 9th, no hook ups, just calling like any regular punter... This needs to be an inside job...

  • I will ask our corporate travel agents on Monday, they will at least be able to answer whether they can buy a ticket, and what guarantees (if any) there would be that I'd make the scheduled flight.

  • They can’t assist a dual National in the country of their other nationality. I guess he could renounce his UK nationality and force their hand, but that’s a nightmare and also costs like £5000 to do, with still no guaranteed repatriation.

  • Also from further up the page

    Having Aus citizenship doesn't give priority to move up the list for the airlines

  • 13 years in the travel industry here... there’s no secret way of getting on to a flight in these circumstances, short of having a mate working in ticketing (which I don’t I’m afraid). Or stumping up whatever obscene price the airlines want. The gov will have limited their capacity, and they won’t sneak a few extra in because it’s not worth the hassle.

    The suggestion above about getting to NZ isn’t a terrible one. You might find some space on flights there... or be able to charter a jet. Because flight regs/quarantines don’t appear to apply to rich people.

    Given that there’s not a lot of air traffic right now, you might be able to charter a small plane cheap (a few k), and possibly sell tickets to others stuck in NZ.

    Lots of ifs and buts there... no guarantees either and could work out pricier than getting 1st class tickets. Might be worth you calling some private charter firms in NZ to see what they think.

  • Anybody seen Leaving Las Vegas?

    Could we crowdfund that instead?

  • I just need the cash, can arrange the drugs and alcohol.

  • A friend should be heading over to start a new job in the next few weeks, but she's taking a fairly lofty position in an Australian bank so presumably they have both friends in the right places and a shitload of money to make it happen. Not particularly helpful I know, but just to add that lots of money and having the right people claim you're doing an important job seem to be it.

  • Just to clarify, this is a requirement for 1 x flight from UK to AUS right?

  • Make it happen!! 😍

    London to Brisbane...

  • Fuck me...I did not expect things to be this bad. The only flight coming up on my company flight booking system is >£8k and in a month's time.

  • Make it happen!! 😍

    I wish I could. But I can't. This is a crazy situation.

  • Skyscanner says £1,158 this coming saturday with Etihad and virgin. Is that simply not accurate when you try and secure it?

  • Hmm. I wonder why that person has had to put an advert on the internet to find somebody willing to sail 15,000km in a 40 year old boat that costs less than a first class flight and is only twice the size of your average SUV :D

    Also, this: "Australia and New Zealand, the usual safe havens for yachts during the Pacific cyclone season, are closed because of Covid-19 restrictions"­ep/07/hundreds-of-sailors-fear-being-str­anded-for-pacific-storm-season

  • Just on Lufthansa. Few stops but definitely bookable.

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MAYDAY!! Travel/flight wizard required... URGENT!!

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