1930’s tandem parts list

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  • Well, you never know. Someone might have some of this sat under a bench...
    ...and short of winning a bid on an old whole bike (it could happen) here’s a wanted list:

    • 26” hub brake rear wheel to take a 3spd block
    • rear mount / clamp for chainstay for Cyclo mech
    • Pair of brake levers
    • blumels frame pump (needs to be 16” to fit between pegs)
    • front drop bars (will be the small dia. ones, swept-back look ideally :)
    • stoker bars to match would also be nice
    • pair of mudguards, again ideally 1950’s or earlier. Any colour / finish.

    Am in S Oxon, so could do some local-ish collecting otherwise postage.
    cheers all.

  • Splash of colour? Don't know the age of them -

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  • I’ve got some tatty and partly patched up 1930s bluemels cream mudguards off my old tandem. They will need new stays as the current ones are rusted to hell, but they’re yours for £5 + postage costs if you like

  • Ah, they sound good. Got a picture?

  • They’re nice, possibly a bit red :)

  • As you can see, ropey. The bottom part of the front one is broken and missing. For sentimental reasons I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away since they came off my grandparents‘ 1930s tandem, so they’ve got thousands of miles of touring history in them, but I decided it would be better with a new set so they’re just sat in the shed.

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  • Erm, possibly just a little too much ‘patina’ for me.
    But what a lovely story behind them. I think I’d have to keep them if I’d inherited something like that :)

  • Ha no worries! I’m clearly destined to hang onto them. Good luck with the project- you can read all about what I went through with a similar vintage build here: https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3006­47/

    Handlebars: you may discover that the stem may be for ‘standard’ one inch ones rather than the old style narrower fitting- both my old handlebars require a shim to fit in the (oversized) stem, but perhaps not all old tandem stems were like this.

  • Will check that thread now.
    I've a shim in the Captain's stem, not sure about the Stoker's one :)

  • Tandem and a load of parts which could be of interest, Not sure if they are the correct age - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114402763350

  • Unsurprisingly, the East of England appears to be the old Tandem graveyard. If I had a free weekend and a hgv license, I reckon I could fill a seven-ton truck.
    However, that one does look nice. And it has a blue pump...

  • Damn, I just built an old tandem (well, old ish) and I always say I’ll move to East Anglia eventually ... and I thought I was an original, edgelord type.

  • Any leftover spares? ;)

  • As I now have two tandem projects. Projects in tandem. Ha ha.

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  • Nope, literally nothing, unless you want to ruin it with some 90s 559 mtb rims.

  • Ha ha, thanks but not this time :)

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1930’s tandem parts list

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