• Stigging it here with a cardboard box. They seem way more protective than a most store bought.

    Any tips?

    I plan to create "beams" of card rolled up and taped inside the box, to add structural supports against crushing, as well as this take the bike apart as much as possible. And of course wrap the wheels and any other potential moving parts in bubble wrap etc etc.

    Anyone done this?

  • Yes, a couple of times. Usually when I was only flying one way and wanted to dispose of the box. After a couple of flights, cardboard boxes are so bashed up, you need a new one.

    How much you need to strip the bike depends on the box. Some bikes arrive in the shops in their boxes with only the front wheel removed and the bars turned 90 degrees. Others are more dismantled. I used full panniers and other bits as padding and bits of cardboard to protect wheels and projecting parts as I didn’t want to dump plastic at the other end. If you are going to reuse the box on your way home then bubble wrap, or even better, pipe lagging (from DIY shops) is a good idea.

  • Use zip-ties to stitch those beams to the walls of your box. Put some lower beams in early, and put higher beams in last to secure the bikes.

    Keep wheels inflated to 20-30 PSI to protect the rims. The change in air pressure only results in about 10 PSI increase so full deflation is not necessary.

    If you get the typical 140cm bike box then you don't need to dismantle too much. I'd say saddle + post off, pedals off, front wheel off, rotate forks 90deg rotate the bars completely downwards. Personally I'd keep the rear wheel in the dropouts to protect the rear triangle. Do unscrew the rear derailleur hanger from the frame, as I've seen transit damage there before.

    Extra sheets of sturdy cardboard are v handy for protecting things, especially sharp things like chainrings. Pipe lagging is a great idea to protect parts from jostling impacts during transit.

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Packing Bike in Standard Card Bike Box For Flight - Tips?

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