Question about Charge Plug Freestyler..

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  • I've seen a 2010 Charge Plug Freestyler on ebay, I might buy it just for the forks but I can't find any detailed spec online.

    Anyone know if these were a 1" fork or 1 1/8"?


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  • The latter.

  • damn. Thanks mate

  • Pretty unlikely you’ll find a fork of that style with a 1” steerer.

    Maybe from some really cheaply made catalogue store dirt jump style mtb but they’d likely weigh more than the moon.

  • Ye I'm starting to realise this. I have found some in America, cost an arm and a leg to get it over here though. Found another guy in the US who makes custom 1" Headsets which fit a 1 1/8" steerer but the thing with that is most of these 1 1/8" jump forks have really short steerers, my head tube is long so need to decide what I'm going to do

  • Found another guy in the US who makes custom 1" Headsets which fit a 1 1/8" steerer...

    If you go that route then make sure its a normal 1" headtube that the headset will fit.

    There's a 1" bmx/cruiser size that's not very far off 1 1/8" but it's an american thing. Loads of bikes over there use it, very few over here.

  • Ye spoke with the guy he said for this to work the ID of my head tube needs to be 32.5mm. I think thats the same as mine but I will have to measure when I get it back from powder coating

  • Yeah that's the bigger size, 30.2mm is the ISO standard for 1" head tubes.­eadsets.html

  • I have a charge Plug also I am looking for a few forks for tricks etc on that lines... Did you find any suitable?

  • I bought some from America. Small fortune but that was the only option for my frame.

  • which one did you go for? Curious really.

  • There was a shop on eBay that sells cruiser/ vintage parts. They’re just a non branded straight cruiser fork with a 1” steerer which is what I needed for my Peugeot frame

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  • looking nice!!
    Congrats mate!

  • Link me that seller please, I am recovering a vintage frame for tricks and need a straight 1" FGFS fork ;)


    Just a heads up don't expect the best service from the guy. Mine came scratched so had to claim money back from paypal as he ignored me

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Question about Charge Plug Freestyler..

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