• Hi all,

    Too many spare parts and not enough space to store them all hence the sale.


    • Cinelli C-Wing Saddle. Used but not abused. Few marks on rails but do thing serious - SOLD


    • Cinelli Criterium 65 40cm (chrome), 26mm clamp. Bought this secondhand few years ago but turns out the clamp was too big for my quill stem. Think was the older model so you may need an older version of the quill stem in order to fit it. Few marks on the bar but otherwise still good to go - £20
    • Cinelli Criterium 42cm (milky finish), 26mm clamp. Bought this from Wiggle last year, few marks on it but in overall good condition - £25
    • Genetic Cromozone track bars, 40cm, came new on my old bike, took it out for a spin 2-3 times. Can do with good cleaning to remove the residual tapes but otherwise still in good nic - £15


    • Cinelli A1 quill stem 120 mm, a Wiggle purchase, tried on a bike once. Few insertion marks but still in excellent condition - £25

    • Thomson Elite X2 90mm, 10deg, 31.8mm stem. Signs of used but still in excellent shape - £35

    • PRO Thomas Vanderham Oversize MTB stem, 31.8 man clamp, 65mm length. Excellent condition with few rusts on the bolts near Allen key insertion points - £45


    • WTB Thickslick 25c and Michelin Dynamic sport 25c tyres, used but still got plenty of life left - SOLD


    • Crank Brothers Double shot pedals. Used with few marks but still in great shape - SOLD

    Brake Calipers:

    • Shimano GRX BR-RX400 flat mounts front and rear brake calipers. Taken from my new GRX groupset and has done no more than 10km. Almost mint condition with very small marks - SOLD

    I'm based in Oxford so can view if you live locally.

    Couldn’t upload every pictures of the stuff for sale so drop me a line for the pics.

    Can post at buyers expense.

    Payment via bank transfer or Paypal gift please.


  • More pics

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    • 95E804A8-DFDF-4DD4-8EF7-D81448521FAC.jpeg
    • 56F43268-1E5B-4239-8BFC-D31E34EBCF82.jpeg
    • 0ECB6183-4ED9-452F-A087-E55BD7C8A00C.jpeg
    • 7105E0F8-6A6F-4BE5-B1D1-469BED8CA9CC.jpeg
  • Cinelli Criterium 42cm (milky finish)

    4 Attachments

    • 3028AC23-ABD9-4B9D-8AA6-0BDDD820224D.jpeg
    • CD6C5B2B-0199-40DB-8A75-12EACAF7DCC7.jpeg
    • B7CB45F8-F49D-4393-BA55-B757BE742E65.jpeg
    • 0DCF054E-37F6-45A5-BD02-1D026B0482E7.jpeg
  • Cinelli Criterium 65 40cm (chrome)

    5 Attachments

    • 189C1873-0B37-472D-8DA7-0BDCF1A5AC27.jpeg
    • 3D814D0D-78A5-4F10-9C83-9F9F692CEE5B.jpeg
    • 97272106-EB8B-4200-8372-1C1474F3A2F0.jpeg
    • 2FB2CBF3-1390-4FBF-9DD7-8C0665AED6A2.jpeg
    • 9D8B5F54-D153-41C0-93EA-C18E6931BC18.jpeg
  • Genetic Cromozone track bars, 40cm

    3 Attachments

    • FB6D2E18-626E-42F5-BC2F-D0658272C4BE.jpeg
    • 6C7E2335-648B-4276-BF63-ECF15378231B.jpeg
    • 19FE9180-8C35-4D19-A44D-B3E9246D6A1F.jpeg
  • Would you post the saddle to SE London?

  • Yep, £5 for shipping should suffice. Cheers

  • More parts for sale:

    • Miche Supertype seatpoat 27.2mm in black. Few rust marks but overall in great condition - SOLD
  • More pics

  • Dibs seatpost. Pm incoming

  • Dibs shoes

  • Hello,
    Is it possible to ship the seatpost to Poland?

  • Hi,

    Shipping to Poland is ok but shipping might be around £10-15.

    Drop me a PM and we can discuss about it.


  • PRO Thomas Vanderham stem

    5 Attachments

    • 264FB197-49A4-4834-9F1C-2FBDE8A64424.jpeg
    • F683EABD-C40F-4DAF-94B7-8E09D7C949B1.jpeg
    • 5EB5B570-E23C-4C12-A562-061A41ACB3F0.jpeg
    • 6471A541-7C63-42F3-A012-2A44339146EF.jpeg
    • FD060FAA-C80A-491F-A33E-217EDF74C0D8.jpeg
  • Thomson X2 90mm Stem

    5 Attachments

    • 05A2D158-4747-4816-B447-50B8FCE845C7.jpeg
    • 24BE522B-09EF-404E-BF52-81AFC1A34939.jpeg
    • F0B81BA2-82D7-43E4-AD4F-61DE9C513227.jpeg
    • E9D16E2B-7E31-4771-81FF-296AD981EB3B.jpeg
    • 173A4C79-CD9A-40AE-9C83-0B989A50C0B1.jpeg
  • Dibs on tires

  • Awesome, will drop your a DM.

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Parts clearout: Cinelli, Thomson, Shimano, PRO, Crank Brothers

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