MAJ's BlueSlug pompino and TVM "homer"

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  • Bring the Homer, stick it on your wall.

  • there is absolute 0 chance of getting it up the stairs, the thing is is wide as the hall!

  • Yet.

    Borrow one. Go multi-modal transport. Ride it off-road. Explore a city you don't know. Appreciate the existence of the specific Carradice bag.

  • I think you need a new custom bike

  • custom bikes got me into this mess!!!

    the most logical option is putting the wheels that have sat doormant in my shed for 6 months onto my old langster frame held by a friend, and building with whatever parts i have in the shed as a fixed gear

    small ish, light, can be locked anywhere, served me perfectly well before chronic brain worms became accute

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  • Chop down the risers so they are weeny narrow as well. Easier to get up the stairs but you also get that ultimate 2007 retro fixie vibe

  • Get a Dahon

  • de-bling the pomp a bit, but not too much
    I lockup my koga everywhere, it has nice parts, dynamo lights, £200 brake levers, etc, but the important bits are allen key secured. been fine for many years.
    give us a shout for chill rides in ldn when you arrive

  • also if you find a place to live but you can't bring even one bike inside, then find another place to live

  • this is so wise, for last decade+ I have designed my life around bikes, our backyard has a ramp for bikes ffs

  • i will simply see it as a social experiment , i used to live in brum with one bike doing it all and that was fine, will be nice to go back to that energy.

    it's reassuring to know that @platypus and will definitely drop you a line when settled in,

    i think just changing the brakes will be enough, i think realistically those are the only thing i'd miss, more so they're impossible to find. the rest is just trendy stuff well placed, but readily available

    maybe i can store one of my bikes under your bike ramp @amey

  • i have a cellar ..

  • 👀 will trade cellar storage for stickers

  • Succeeded in getting a bike out the door for the first time in like 2 weeks. Weathers been windy, wet and a bit shit tbh, think I’ve felt the same.

    A small jaunt over to a park in which a group of boisterous teens tried to grab my saddle charm as I passed. Luckily the shark maintains firmly attached.

    In relation to aforementioned bike storage woes I think it will work out just fine, maybe some slight melodrama on my part, some doomer mentality.

    That said with some [redacted] stuff going on to do with my headset spacers I don’t think I’ll be messing about with my bikes for at least the beer future in meaningful ways, dropper posts seem inconsequentially cheap next to privatised healthcare and cosmetic treatments.

    How do you fit a bottle of [redacted]gel in bike packing bags? Do you get a fuel bottle style down tube mount and titanium cnc hand pump attachment for dosage measurement?!

    At risk of getting too bloggy we’ll cut it there, but I do like this little pomp,

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  • Absurd bike to ferry me a mile from home once a week

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  • 10/10 pomp.

    One of the best to ever do it.

  • ty king 🙏

  • Couple of nerd bikes hanging out, was good to meet @merle today!

    Surprisingly warm in the hostile environment which is Windsor park, no cycling, no pushing, please arrive by 4x4 with a well packed cooler because “none of the tap water in the park is drinkable”

    Which is why we’re outside the lovely Waitrose shell.

    Riding back through the park some polo was on, some little park cop driving a park jeep (is permitted, obviously they wouldn’t have park ebikes)

    I would nuke this place [in minecraft]

    No second thoughts [in minecraft]

    Wouldn’t wince [in minecraft]

    At least I’m getting used to riding up cheapside hill

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  • in on the thread before i’ve even made it home! on an emergency oatcake stop on the towpath getting into molesey in the evening sun, legs like jelly after all those adventures and detours. good to meet you too @Maj

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  • Shout out to @Tijmen for the fine picnic tosser baggage

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  • I should not, when tijmen asked how I wanted to mount the frame bag I said I was going to velcro it

    However, he was disgusted by this, mainly because he’d specifically spent a great deal of effort trying to get violle straps stocked in Central Europe

    Eventually we agreed on a middle ground and he sent me a violle strap, I sent him some stickers

  • Lovely! Fairly quick delivery in the end too, I’m glad you didn’t succumb to their extortionate practices.

    However, he was disgusted by this, mainly because he’d specifically spent a great deal of effort trying to get violle straps stocked in Central Europe


  • Very nice! Well played both of you, and yes to voile straps over velcro.
    (@Maj, don't forget your keys are in the door).

  • This is the sense of carelessness you build up living in the suburbs

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MAJ's BlueSlug pompino and TVM "homer"

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