MAJ's BlueSlug pompino and TVM "homer"

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  • Imo simply pop it in the post back to Glesga and get the new seat tube welded in.

  • imagine missing out on the smugness of finding an off the shelf solution though?

    i need to do this for all the people who, rightfully, put form before function

  •­seatposts/koryak-dropper-post-70 looks about right, finding it in stock might be a bit tricky though

  • Surely one of the bosses could be drilled out for a internal/external hybrid cable routing.

  • Why stop at just having two top tubes.

    Why not show some courage.

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  • i think the issue here is that i'd also receive a modularly designed, 2nd asshole, if i were to slip and gouge myself, but that shouldn't stop innovation

    @atk this could be good, will add it to the list of options

    @amey honestly they will never beat the regular tube till they cost £5, whom is paying £30 for a tube

  • It's basically a 29er retro MTB.

    I love it.

  • Maybe I missed but have you looked at XLC or KS e10 or similar?

    Edit - I see your struggle, well that's a tough one

  • Your comment inspired me to look a bit deeper­er-seatpost-27-2-mm

    this seems to fit the bill, the 80 mm version is supposedly 138 mm height which gives the tolerance i wanted

    I also went and measured my post with a greater focus on precision and it does indeed seem i have JUST 15cm of space, due to the lug,

    so the options as it stands:

    XLC SP-T08 in 80mm : looks a bit agricultural, fits, seems to be serviceable looking at user manuals, enjoy dropped life style if i ever find it in stock?

    PNW pine dropper: may actually not fit, looks quite nice, might actually require removing a non structural piece of lug????? is in stock

  • is removing a bit of lug/decoration/ decorative extended shim to fit a dropper

    A) very rad, cool, hesh, make it your own, diy

    B) just buy the ugly post you vain fuck

    C) wow you think that's no structural? what has the education system in this country come too smh

    D) no-one needs a dropper on a bike like this, you've enjoyed it sufficiently so far, an outsider would think you're uncomfortable having two functional bikes which are as done as done can be but continue to look for further parts to waste time, distracting yourself, from what, i wouldn't speculate. could i suggest not buying anything, maybe look at something else for a while; then if you still feel compelled revisit this when there is a greater availability of product and you have more nuance in knowing what you want from the bike.

  • I would say A at first, resulting in C possibly, hoping there is enough tube left for option B, never option D.

  • IMO learn to wheelie the bike, then buy a dropper "as a treat"

  • sweating profusely

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  • have more nuance in knowing what you want from the bike

    The very best of luck with that endeavour

  • A dropper just dropped in classifieds, guess it's probably not right? (I just saw 27.2 and thought of you)­17/#comment15990065

  • ty! have popped the question over

  • i have been back measuring, this time using a tailors tape to get closer than the bulky builders tape i was using and can confirm, the pnw would fit, it's about 15.4/15.5 in length currently

    i didn't realise that the pnw site ships from the US, so the tantalising pricing is somewhat a bit more sombre with the thought of import and shipping. that said friends have had remarkable success ordering from the US and not getting customs/VAT recently.

    there is one stockist in the uk, which is also an option, a higher base cost, no shipping cost but would source a non pnw lever as £65 is 3x more than i paid for my shifter?

    funny how the brain works tho, £250 for a tall and handsome? tempting, good, logical, bougie but ultimately perceived value

    £250 for a dropper and lever? ugh, why do bikes cost so much, for mugs, wish i was into like.....cross stich

    i think the difference is that a dropper feels like buying a graphics card and a tall and handsome feels like buying a new jacket

    will covet it a bit longer i think, mull it over, consider all the options, neurotically spiral. obligatory "bit boring buying more stuff", without sounding too "this is why you buy a trek, it all comes as standard now"

  • on a more positive note, by also consumptive,

    @Tijmen sent me a lovely picture of the frame bag he made for the homer, the work on it looks great, nice crisp stitching and an eye for detail, it's a wedge shape and he placed a small mesh pocket on the back which was novel.

    We're both anxious if it will fit after my "rubbish eye for precision" not only affected my dropper search but sending him accurate measurements of the space

    will let him share if he chooses, if not pictures will be posted when both that and the bar bag are done and in hand.

  • Post away! And don't get the dropper imo

  • Not that I'm endorsing your dropper plan but I think you can get a brand X ascend dropper with about 100mm and shim it if it's too much travel.

  • i've just learned you can shim dropper posts, notably pnw and one up ones (both with the one up shim)

    however after watching 4-6 absolutely patterless mountain bike folk disassemble their brand x posts couldn't work out if the principle would work for them? do you have any experience with the BX models?

  • I think the dropper talk will become irrelevant quite quickly (as if it's not already), I have just been offered a room to rent in the "big smoke", that there London, L-town, the north extraction fund, etc etc, end of summer-ish. shout outs to @Thrasher for putting me onto the lead, and was great meeting him last night!

    bike storage is an issue so it's looking unlikely I'll be able to take either of these with me, mainly due to the fact I've built them in such a neurotic way that neither are good for locking up, or riding around town/traffic. one being so dripped in bling and lights it's irreplaceable, the other nearly qualifying to pay LEZ charges and while not having disc brakes, looks just enough like a mountain bike to make it attractive.

    there is of course the option to de-bling the pomp, put some cantilevers on, take the lights off, change the chainset, yada yada, but i think if i'm having one bike it would need to be something with gears so i may ride up some inclines if needs be. that said it's been perfectly functional around the forest here and on the roads with mild hills, maybe im just making excuses. it's no burly touring bike which i've come to enjoy however.

    i've looked into storage solutions, like hangers but as you Londoners will know, unobtanium, and self storage is far too expensive in the city long term. how do you people do it?? from friends experience you dont, you put them in your room, you clutter hall ways roll the dice with a big lock, maybe you have a shed.

    i've asked the nice home owner on the feasibility of 2 bikes, offering to contribute to costs of changes needed etc, but it's not a personal bias, a material one. if everyone in the house owns a bike, that's 5 bikes! they're not the smallest things ever either. i think the struggle is more reflective of urban planning's lack of grasp on the volume and quality of public/local cycle storage needed, as we all know. kind of funny when you look at the hanger map and it's like 5 in a mile radius, there is likely 100 bikes or more in the same space!

    if anyone does have any options around SW london i'm all ears, either way, will be good to move to the city, hopefully meet some new lovely people and put some faces to names!

  • this is not the type of mini velo which gives me the good brain chemicals

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MAJ's BlueSlug pompino and TVM "homer"

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