MAJ's BlueSlug pompino and TVM "homer"

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  • As it stands m,

    It’s a good thing I bought the crank puller eh?

    Guess it is what it is

    At least there is an alright garden to stare at till Wednesday??? Thursday???

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  • I have the middleburn tool localish to you, you are welcome to borrow if needs.

  • very kind, is it a generic? wouldn't mind buying one myself if it is.

    i think my main concern is being able to get the damn thing off with my emaciated frame.

  • Yes, cant remember which generic tool it is. I bolt the tool onto the crank, so it doesnt slip, and then put the tool in a bench vice. Am sure there are better ways to do it but it works for me and takes 2 minutes. It does shift quite easily that way though. If you are stuck also welcome bring crank over to RG10 and I will swap the rings for you?

  • that would be so lit, dropped you a dm!

  • This is absolutely baroque and great. Looks like a gangsta designed by the Warhammer people. Like watching modern art, I don't get it but it's cool.

  • i have now had a time to eat a lovely veggie burger and some hash-browns and reflect on the day,

    thank you for all your lovely comments throughout the day, and some genuinely helpful advice!

    the bad!

    1) the shifter cable could have been prevented if i opened the packet, but i want to let myself off because it seems truely surreal they'd send precut lengths. i'm annoyed it wont have the metal effect cable but can be replaced long term.

    2) the chainring is on me, the time i spent oggling it, the photos shared, i should have seen it, will hopefully be resolved this week.

    3) the rack not fitting, i don't seem to have a good time with racks generally, will look at it again long term, bend the bracket out, get the right bolt, but for now im ok to go without

    the good!

    1) the frameset is lovely, little commented on in the earlier posts , but truly, the photos do not do it justice and tbh, no amount of words will either because a lot of what i like about it is a hodge-podge of vibes/ideas/feelings that float around and release good brain chems. it's exactly what i wanted from a bike.

    2) the frameset is surprisingly light? it looks quite burly but i'd say it's not noticeable if you've ever held say, a brother kepler or a cdf, considering it looks/ is a lot more burly. at no point did i discuss tubing with mv, the man knows his stuff! stickers that came with it tell me it's columbus cromor? zona? cant tell you which bits are which, maybe he can

    i got to admit i thought it would just be ol' bmx steel, 4130, so this was a very nice surprise and makes it even greater value than it was???!

    3) the geo, there is a shot up there next to my pomp, they look remarkably similar, the geo itself is a caadx 56 give or take, but it looks smaller? maybe some tweaks to fit the lugs, whatever has happened the reach/ stack numbers are spot on

    has a toit' wheel base and that is a 175 crank dangling there!!! it's so far off the ground!!!!!! going to be great fun, when it's done.

    really is a 29r bmx as it stands

    4) a bit of praise for my collection of parts looking back, they do look nice don't they, well at least to me. the silver wheels, crank and brakes against the black finishing kit and fork, v nice.

    5) the only things which went wrong are things i have not had to consider before, never set up a derailleur (friend done this for the Raleigh, remember that?!?!) and the chain ring, didn't even know middle burn did 1/8th specific ones. so i'm happy i have learned some good skills over the last year!

    left to do?

    1) get it done, take it for a spin before i have to go back to the email mines

    2) get some nice photos not next to a bin, a nice FAQ detailing all the little bits and how it actually rides

  • Have you got enough gear outer, despite it being precut? You could pop some oilers in to effectively joining it together.­/product-category/cable-oilers/

  • i don't think there is, at least not for it to join in nice places and with slack in it, the new cable should be here tomorrow so will be fine,

    i'm sure i can find a home for the cable with a friend, it's really very nice all things considered. the brake outer from them chopped nicely, not quite jagwire nice, but nicer than i was expecting.

    maybe a good exscuse to get nissen cables on its first service :eyes:

  • Garden looks great! Do your parents have a mood board that I can see?

  • The garden is the mood board.

  • changing rooms weekly magazine between the years of 2000 and 2004, sadly they haven't gotten round to scanning the archive yet

    if you keep an eye on this you might pick up a bargain­QO9VxUL/changing-rooms-magazine-vol-1-4-­in-binders

  • Love it! Very much enjoying my emotional connection to your build, thank you.

  • Looks like a gangsta designed by the Warhammer people.

    This shit needs to feature on Gardener’s World yesterday.

  • Cable showed up, it fits, just need to hope the chain ring shows up tomorrow

    Bike people shaking their head at this cable job I’m sure, I’ll be sure to bring it to one of your kind when the bikeopalypse is over.

    Spent the rest of the time fettling in saddle height a v brake toe in, made sure the pump fits (had to flip it round)

    I was worried where the bars would sit in relation to the saddle, not near as high as I thought they’d be, but almost identical to the position to when I had them on my pomp which is good, and leaves space to get taller ones if I wish.

    Enjoying the amount seat post on display, roughly 150mm, not quite french/ crust but enough to have room to lower it on the trail

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  • the whole reading experience was fantastic , and the bike....the biiiikkkkkkeeeeeeee !!!! just wonderful !

  • I may have already asked this. But are you potentially going to run drops on this one day? hence the already tried and tested CAAD geo?

    Also love the double TT / frame pump situation.

  • .

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  • these look like sensible anti cager defences if you ask me

    @Josh it can! but i would have to have ronnie send me some bars, tape and levers personally for me to even consider the switch, cant be going through what i did with the pomp all over again

    the chainring has been posted, fingers crossed tomorrow? hoping the chain isn't too short? hoping i can work out how to twiddle the derailleur bolts??

  • chainring secured, shout outs to BETD having the monopoly on middle burn but doing next day deliv

    will be popping over to the very kind @velosaurus for his vice, tool and strong arms at lunch time,

    ridable bike by this evening????? we can only hope

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  • shout outs to BETD having the monopoly on middle burn

    BETD is middleburn

  • you're saying they're supreme?

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MAJ's BlueSlug pompino and TVM "homer"

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