MAJ's BlueSlug pompino and TVM "homer"

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  • I know this won't change till Monday at the soonest, but i'll be damned if i don't check it hourly

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  • climbing the walls tbqh

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  • Little afternoon tea break before the hard bits

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  • pls no 'soft' release, proper full release with careful media strategy

    this isnt the right way to drop

  • I prefer a more para social relatable image, to share the struggles and triumphs, creating personal emotional investment to boost a long tail of revisits as opposed to release day hype

    Vertical models are dead, we must seek lateral, socially just models of product release

  • Annoyances so far

    Lost my spanner for my bb, found a better one

    Need a different bolt for my rack, so no bags for now

    Paul sticker is slightly off center

    Now have to do the cabling which I hate

  • Can't actually believe you took the reflective strips off

  • That Thomson. It's not you.

  • MAJestic

  • Upside down wheelie bin international sign of distress.

    Excited to see in final form with all the bags.

  • After litterally months fixing and sorting various mini vs with assorted short pull road hoods and long pull mtb levers, failing and making do, eventually buying USA made poser brakes and “makin do”

    Setting up some long pull levers and long pull brakes on wide ass rims was a ducking joy omd

    You just set and forget, it works

    Imagine that, something just working!!!

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  • nice little garden reveal there

  • this won't be getting finished today, just cut open the packet for the fancy looking shift cable from VO, to find it's pre cut lengths

    utter nodder cable

    just put one legnth in there!!!!


    i have next dayed some shimano cable in black after briefly considering using some brake outer i have spare in luminous green

    i'm shame really, would have been fun to ride this evening? , had a good run because i thought it would be the bb which fucked me, or the crank

    no, it's my dedication to the aesthetic that has

    secures my thoughts on Velo orange tho, all the looks, none of the function when you get behind the surface, that's what you get for buying american designed and not Japanese


  • will be refreshing this page all day tomorrow in anticipation of the shimano cable

  • Geo looks spot on!

    Absolutely love how this is turning out!

  • Who’s the dumbest fuck imaginable?

    Had these cranks in a box for months now, never realised, absolutely no chance of getting a chainring for it, let alone a tool to get the spider off

    Looks like no riding this week, I’m going to bed

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  • You can next-day a tool that’ll work off Amazon, or just get a new narrow-wide ring off BETD.

  • Single speed it! This ain't London Fancy Gears Something Something.

  • Tool wise , I used a flat head screwdriver and mallet and it worked fine. But I am a bodge. Do you want this ? Or does it need to be black ? It’s a bit worn maybe but could be a stop gap. 32t 3/32

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  • Edit: Scratch that.

  • It's a 1/8" chainring with a road chain

  • Edit : Beat me to it

  • Yeah, I'm sleeping.

  • Is it the bb18 I need for middle burns lockring?

    Betd can get me a ring for Wednesday

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MAJ's BlueSlug pompino and TVM "homer"

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