MAJ's BlueSlug fixed gear and previous drivel

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  • How are you planning to simulate dust/grime for the radavist photo shoot? I can send you some high clay content soil, mix it with water in a spray can it might give the effect you're looking for?

  • there is no gravel on mars, and the earth like gravitational pull means i still cant bunny hop

    @Belagerent that would be kind thank you, i have some samples from the south coast and a friend kindly sent me a 2017 vintage of oregonian muck.

    i'm thinking of utilising them both to create a story which says "i ride my bike, i dont wash it, i've never even seen a trading estate let alone coded on one"

    i'm hoping the sponging and spraying of the soil will cover the rather amateurish distressing i tried to do to the chain stay, you just can't get the same look now days with narrow wides and clutches, but it turns our fallegating it with an old izumi doesn't do the job either.

    thinking of giving it to some local youths to wheelie and run round the bmx track as a last resort before i get the dslr out

  • having this chariot has prompted the exact response i said completing my last wagon, and the one before that. the elation of completion completely replaced by the ever increasing need for another, more obnoxious project which takes up space as a bad radiator.

    That said i switched the risers and stem on my cinelli today to some drops and this glittery powder coated stem from ebay, took the rack off and added guards, it's quite nice, feels nimble, might be too long but that doesn't matter because much like all my bikes, it'll never get ridden more than round town.

    the caad still needs to be done, but i need the damn chainring tool scam, might just drop it off at the shop tbqh.

    possible thread directions in the future:

    1) finish the caad and just in time for the depths of winter where again, i will not be riding it

    2) maybe respray the cinelli? new headset? it has such a good sticker job tho it's unlikely

    3) wait for @alialias to sell me his pompino which is too big for him supposedly and i have no room for

    4) buy a gaming pc and get real incel

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  • Unfortunately @alialias decided his pompino fit him and i was FORCED to buy the overpriced NOS one off ebay, it should have arrived yesterday, but now i believe it'll be here tomorrow.

    plans for the build are to use the same parts as the flat bar cinelli build

    Thomson finishing kit, DA/ARRN chainset, the wheels etc

    changes being

    some old 35c g1's i took off my kepler before selling (not good for slop but look great)

    a 22t cog for the back

    a new chain to fit said cog

    a hope headset/ seatclamp

    trp cx 8 for braking

    hopefully it ends up something like a bargain bin BMW that i can ride around local trails over winter lockdowns. Having taken the cinelli out for a few rides to only be beeped at for being on the road it really wasn't hitting the spot, only to then get stuck in the slop off road. hence this pivot. cinelli frame will probably come back out for summer.

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  • Doesn't want to get stuck in the slop BUT wants to ride 35c schwalbe g one all rounds.

    I predict your next bike will be a rigid 27.5.

  • this turned up after a slight delay, 2 frames now posties have refused to collect from the seller?

    cant blame them, cant imagine it's fun to haul frames to and from the van all day as they're small enough to fit in regular deliveries not special.

    i bunked off work and got it built up, it's quite nice, will take a completed pic tomorrow, v happy with it :)

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  • First I was like

    Then I was like :

    Nice faran bruh

  • ahhah thank you!

    here is the bmw,

    honestly building this made me hate bikes, "it's just lego, it's got no gears" after 5 hours i wanted to kms

    extremely will be tired of it in a month when they realise more bikes wont fill the void they feel inside themselves and as such will be come resentful towards the item and believe repeating the process, but doing it perfectly, will solve the issue voice this ones a keeper :)

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  • Faran looks wicked!
    If your arse agrees with them then it definitely needs the yellow flight that @ZenithE offered you! And polished silver cranks to finish it off as mentioned.

  • thank you, i don't think the cranks look as different irl, it's not triggering my brainworms at least

    I did remove the flat stem tho, as nice as it looks i got numb hands for the first time in my life on a 40k loop, switched out to a generic +7 90mm from -15 110

    feels nice! if a little funky looking

    additionally feet kept slipping on the mks sylvians so changed them up for some mks beartraps due to internet poisoning, they're lovely!

    think the seatpost could come down to make it a little more relaxed, but other than that it's pretty close now, shame about the current cov numbers, will be a winter inside for me

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  • faarkk. Saddle pack ID please?! Looks like a Fat Willy's special run.

  • it's a large wizard works teeny houdini!

    secured with a voile nano­oducts/teeny-houdini

  • Thanks vm. Pomp looks fun.

  • made the decision to condense my bikes again, this time will be parting with my caadx, i just don't ride as much anymore, and any i do is just for leisure.

    means i can vulture bits for the pomp and raleigh tho!

    put the king cages and pathfinders on, definitely looks normatively better but not as fun, will likely stay as is now, maybe a different saddle.

    will pinch the brakes and stem from the caad, get a rear wheel built so i can run the pomp single speed, which will take the roll of "fun rim brake bike" and "fixed gear low maint" all in one

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  • A+ write ups. Great looking builds. Would read again.

  • Absolute winner of a build. Well played. If you want a tour of Stockport into the peak’s gravel routes shout, be nice to see this in the flesh. Maybe we need a Manchester gravel ride

  • thanks guys!

    would be down to ride with anyone and everyone after the rona, hard for me to do anything atm with my condition

    hence the bike tinkering to riding ratio

    on that note with the caad sold, or pending sold i bought some new bling to single speed the pomp

    white industries 22t free wheel
    stooge moto bars
    deore levers
    esi grips
    snazzy purple jagwire cables
    mks all black bear traps

    pillaged the thomson stem off the caad, along with a matching rear brake

    swapping the caad wheels for some nice SS wheels with a friend the gramada will go away for summer riding

    the last set of esi grips i got went on like a dream with bike lube, this set? hell. i honestly laid down on the floor and just waited to be swallowed up to get one on, it was like 9 rounds with ronda russey after saying the term "terf"

    alas they're on, they look nice.

    after this debacle i left the cabeling till tomorrow morning where i shall make a nice clever drip, some porridge and then prey to the vbrake gods

    here are some dimly lit pics

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  • coming along nicely, cabled and pedalled, barbag fits nicer on this bar stem combo i think

    wheels soon and then it's all done! i think the purple cables look quite nice, lift the bike a lot,

    going to be great fun to ride!

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  • bike still isn't done, does not matter in lockdown 2 tho i guess.

    after some parts bin exchanging with a friend i ended up with one of these, it's quite nice

    only the one, i'm sort of torn with putting it on the back of the pomp as a bad joke, or being the joke and buying another online.

    more than likely it will just end in my "box of nice parts", but if anyone does have another paul mini moto in any colour, would be interested

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  • :relieved:

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  • Love this thread, the bikes and your lyrics.

  • Proper picture tomorrow but I’m SO excited by this bike right now

    The mini mtb is done ☺️

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  • Spacers?

  • 25mm behind the mountain of fashion bags ☺️

  • the first bike i got as an adult was a vitus dee 26r, i thought it was a 29r but @Belagerent assures me it was a 26r because he wanted me to get the 29r but i went against him for something that looks like a bmx.

    was lovely, disc brake, mudguards, basket, the whole shebang. could lock it anywhere and it wouldn't turn any heads. I actually had to ask bela for a photo of this bike because i had none, i was too interested in taking photos of my supreme tshirts at this time, bikes were a tool used to get to work, not something i obsessively take photos of in the hopes of "curating a vibe"

    fast forward 5 years or so, that bike was robbed along with my gaming pc (gtx1080, i77800k, 16gb ddr436000hz, 2tbssd, 1tb m.2ssd, tasteful fractal case) i've owned 5 bikes between this and that, i dont ride nearly as much as i did and spend a hell of a lot more money on them now.....and i have the same bike but worse...

    i guess this is what lfgss calls "the process"

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MAJ's BlueSlug fixed gear and previous drivel

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