MAJ's BlueSlug pompino and TVM "homer"

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  • taking the vegan agenda on the road? can do can do

    edit: new page, some more candid shots which were also supplied

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  • Please tell me that's your Neutrino

  • Was the idea of painting the fork and stem yellow raised?

  • is that the garden?

  • this is not the garden, it's still in scotland atm

    @stelfox it was not, although would look nice, i think i wanted the black to avoid it looking like "a custom bike TM"

  • So the kind of bike someone does a second glance at thinking ‘wait, what...? How...?’

  • This is a boatload of fun, as bikes should be. I have some slight reservations about the fork colour but ultimately it’s not my bike and it’s a proper head turner/scratcher. Great job MV and Maj.

  • I like the black. Undercurrents of utility make this thing even more confusing/disruptive/memebeik

  • think we are witnessing ground zero for a new trend here. you're confused now but in 3 years we'll all be riding them.

  • confusing/disruptive/memebeik

    hmm, wonder if thats been done before

  • hmm, wonder if that's been done before

    Everyone's already forgotten who you were

  • Can't stop looking at this thing. There are so many cool details!

  • can see some discourse circulating regarding two major themes, let's check in on what the cultural critics have to say

    on the paint:

    conceptually the drip is the death of ego and individualist ideas of fate, it's a way of telling the world that they have given up the idealisation of complete control.

    They can spend months choosing the right design, building their perfect object, that they can construct whatever beautiful dream their heart and mind can imagine, use their skilled and practiced hands to bring it into reality for all too see. yet the final look and presentation of it all is on fate.

    we can chose the colour of the drip, maybe where it goes, but our final branding by it is out of our hands, in the hands of the the very foundational forces which surround us. inevitably, our life is not so different from the paint dripping down the frame, our fate is set by that which comes before us and that which resides over us.

    on the mis match fork

    Historically mismatched forks stem from the world of hobbyists and have subcultural and countercultural values, as well as being a form of social capital for an owner.

    an OTP bike will come perfect, pristine and often colour matched (disregarding the race to the bottom bike pricing for carbon forked steel frames by Taiwan boutique designers from America and Europe), bikes designed for the mass market, for the average person who generally as our society demands to succeed, are conventional, polite and inoffensively positioned

    a bike with a mismatch fork signals something else entirely however, a bike which has been hobbled together, or drawn from separate sources. be it at the point of design as they bought all the parts individually and built with their own hands or be it because they used them till destruction and had to find a suitable replacement. the bike itself is not a singular object, for every part has its own value and must be addressed individually on a case by case basis.

    while the average buyer may see this bike on the street and not bat an eye (and if they do it is in disgust), the owner does not care, for what the owner seeks is the rubber necking of someone else on a mismatched fork. like a call from a penguin lost on the ice, seeking its own kind who will notice the hours of graft and care they placed to construct something many buy off the peg to better success.

    which leads us to the ironic design of setting out to construct this for a bespoke bike, for it's one thing to do this from existing objects, but to construct this as an object in and of itself? at the point of design conception? does this make the work that of a poser, or an coy in joke at the hands of the designer, this will be for the audience to decide no doubt.

  • but

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  • mismatch signalling by Palace yesterday

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  • Berger on bikes.

  • once again mark fisher's writing is so prescient. incredible.

  • Each element of the mechanism constrains and modifies the other elements, but *only as long as they differentiated * which is to say, a matching fork cannot interact with the other like-coated elements of the mechanism, as the embankment between it and the frame is too diffuse. The more elements are corralled (by being mated), stripped (by being like-coated) and made uniform, the fewer interactions can take place between these elements.

  • @M_V 's done a cracking job there. You'll crush those fat middle aged e-bikers at Swinley now ;-)

  • this is deeply cerebral, thank you for posting such pertinent content to give us all pause for thought.

    may we now reflect on our own mechanism or mechanisms (M+1), so it may be

    @BareNecessities let's not mix our our exclusionary ad hominin's with our accepted and encouraged derision of the electrical bicycle!

    i also think this is time to admit i still worry about getting up some hills in a 40/34 😳with all the fashionable baggage and dangle [redacted] which are to be attached

  • let's not mix our our exclusionary ad hominin's with our accepted and encouraged derision of the electrical bicycle!

    Unsure where the 'fat' came from. Probably projecting

  • i assume it was just a misspelling of the popular slang term "phat" from hip-hop slang, implying "great, excellent," 1992, originating perhaps in the late 1980s and meaning at first "sexiness in a middle aged mountain biker." The word itself is a variant of fat in one of its slang senses, with the kind of off-beat spelling which would catch one out

  • Maj may have been jokerfied.

  • please, i try to keep my political beliefs out of this

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MAJ's BlueSlug pompino and TVM "homer"

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