MAJ's BlueSlug pompino and TVM "homer" ride reports

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  • There's a 58 caad-x in classifieds in tasteful green. Just buy it and cancel the order, easy.

  • I kinda want one

    The Gnarwhal was made for you

  • 58? that's too big for me, you're the one who likes to ride frames too big and too small :^)

  • This is the Jones nonsense I expect :)

    What I can't believe is that you didn't suggest the Reeb Crowler bars to me.

    Speaking of bars, I think the 46cm off the grrl's spesh are still kicking around somewhere - they're those weird riser drops (not flat across the top). Can't post though. @Maj

  • it's ok! i have some cowbells arriving tomorrow which i will be installing during "project time" booked in my calendar

  • Is "project time" like my work calendar which has a bunch of random acronyms, all of which mean either bike riding or beer drinking?

  • it's just the time i book in at the end of the week to reflect on my workflows and run analysis on my current capacity, if needs be a will circle back and examine possible synergies for the next week to optimise bandwidth for upcoming challenges, but it's important i am never, ever, interrupted during this because it will impact my productivity over the course of the quarter.

    but it absolutely, categorically, is not because i'm in the shed with an awful spotify playlist and day drinking

  • What I can't believe is that you didn't suggest the Reeb Crowler bars to me

    I didn't think your drinking needed any encouragement...

  • dreams of having a shed

    nailing the day drinking

  • We adapt and find solutions

  • You're right I'm sorry

  • this is like when you see a zoomer in dad jeans and a baggy sweater and a buzz cut, it works because it's by choice :^)

  • You may recognise this seatpost as the crust simple seatpost, to real heads, you can get it for half price by using the code “Kalloy” At any local bike shop

    The bars are nice! Might tilt them down a bit more before heading out but otherwise, instant improvement

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  • February in Swinley, was nice, dry, quite busy but plenty of space to nervously career around people.

    Was equally fun and jealous going past mtbs on my 35s and one gear as they clunked through their cassette, but couldn’t help but wish that was me rolling over it all opposed to “picking a line”

    The bike rides lovely, was worried I’d need a shorter stem but I think it’s more I don’t ride a bike a lot than anything else, no pain out riding or back home.

    Gravel couture today?

    Jil sander knitted long sleeve
    Liam hodges short sleeve
    Tnf vest

    Could have done without the vest but I’m sure it looked cool flapping about and provided ample storage

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  • Looking good! Nice you're enjoying the new bars.

  • Ty!

    I suppose now is the time to admit there was a good amount of time after I changed the fork where I thought “why did I even get rid of that perfectly built cinelli, I’ve fucked up”

    Deep wanting to just bin it

    But now? Very happy how it has turned out 😌 and can add it to the portfolio of nice bike builds

    The cinelli for context

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  • great thread Maj. Had a wild moment when I realised it was you from c-t!

  • That Cinelli does look lovely but they don’t have the clearances to get into the great outdoors do they?

    Straps and hotline sticker popped

  • sadly not, 28 max really, there was one ride in particular me and a friend tried to take in some light tow path in early autumn and it was just not happening and i wasn't going to be commuting anymore so unfortunately parted ways.

    @wintyDono #RipCT #LongLiveCT

  • Few hours without the gps in swinley this morning

    Was an excellent ride all round, part luck/ part terrain I managed to chose routes which were incredibly fun down hill on 35s fixed and just about bearable uphill. Really does turn all those mundane looking fire roads and ruts into quite the course when you can’t stop pedalling and your tyres could just stop if you hit something slightly too big.

    Was in no rush, every time I saw a bench or a comfortable looking stump with a view took a seat and cracked open the thermos, maybe done 15 miles tops? Maybe less but it was probably the most enjoyable time I had on a bike for quite a while. The fact I’m vaccine protected as it’s two weeks since my jab definitely helped ease background anxiety.

    Tried the flow part of the blue trail, was fine up until the switch backs and then I decided I hadn’t been graced with the bike handling talent to continue, look forward to returning on the mv!

    While I’m not a massive fan of the Thames valley, it’s a a slice of suburban commuter hell filler with tories. I do REALLY love swinley, forests in general I like, but growing up around this one was a joy, good to rediscover it on the bike, as trite as it all sounds

    And importantly, today’s gravel couture?

    Liam hodges sweatshirt
    Oakley x samual Ross long sleeve
    Some customised Uniqlo jeans

    A little warm towards the end but not uncomfortable

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  • 15 miles is a solid day in the saddle IMO.

    30 miles is a big one.

    More than that you need to refer to DSM-V for classification.

  • Nice.

  • Well reminded, If a friend came to me in confidence, and said

    “Thinking of a 60 miler this weekend”

    I would simply reply,

    “Lock down is getting to us all, can I do something to help? Next week restrictions relax, maybe we could take a 5 mile spin out to the hill and have a chat over a thermos and a hip flask”

    Times like this we really need to look out for one another

  • Sometimes it's just nice to be out, not concerning one's self with mileage, don't know the area (I'm up north, and get a little anxious in and around the M25), but it looks most pleasant.
    Thank you for the outfit update, lets me know where I'm going wrong (will have to tinternet search Liam and Samuel though).

  • Swinley really is a gem. So much to discover once away from Red and Blue trail. Aside from all the old singletrack which is still there, I still like a bimble out on the forestry tracks to Saddleback Hill on Barossa. Thermos essential. Am only 8 miles away but not made it over there in 12 months now. Need to go soon.

    And yeah, lockdown has sucked the miles out of all us

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MAJ's BlueSlug pompino and TVM "homer" ride reports

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