MAJ's BlueSlug pompino and TVM "homer" ride reports

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  • historians who have been digging into why cyclist rode such uncomfortable bikes have commonly found its some form of perversion, societies throughout the ages often say the drop between your saddle and bars is representative of the distance between you and god.

    the further the drop, the closer to the devil you are

  • "bike"

  • You arrived with the bowman and left with the pomp and I'm okay with that

  • this is why im such a big advocate of bullying, it always gets the desired results

  • Bowman looks slow and uncomfortable and boring...

    Pompino...well hot dang, fast over bridleways, comfy AF (with new bars) and is funky and original with splashes FUN

  • got the first full look at the frame glued together the other day, and sanded off today, i have to say @M_V came through at taking my vibe posting and putting it into a ridable product

    some things have changed since this consultation, but all for the better and guided by the experience of building such things, honestly, it's incredibly exciting.

    some way to go but i thought i would share some of the initial postings here to compare against when the final product arrives down the line

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  • I absolutely love that mood board and I'm looking forward to seeing your bike

  • not sure if its done or not but I always wanted a fixed gear bike with a front mech for a double or a triple for a light, hassle free variable fixed gears

  • You're not even trying any more

  • I’m sure winston can lop off the drop outs on your canyon nae’ bother

  • This brief/mood board is excellent, can’t wait to see what comes back

  • Did you go for the 1" headtube/steerer in the end?

  • What's the front loading plan? Fabios chest? Boug or prole?

  • i did not!

    I was informed that a larger steerer will give a greater variety/ of tubing/ lugs for the rest of the frame and with the right choices (such as brazed cups/ big tyres) could still look "noodly".

    it's now straight 1/18th with internal bearing cups, like a bmx, has a bsd headset to be installed on arrival

  • i will finally get to mount my custom made think pad inspired wizard works bags set mounted to a suitably bougie rack once i've lost confidence falling over too much at swinely

    so guillotine tier

  • "think pad inspired wizard works" pictures god damn it!

  • you've fallen for marketing copy of "black and grey" i'm afraid

    last featured on the raleigh, which is now after months of lockdown, with its new owner!

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  • Ah, maybe integrated rather than internal then. Using a bmx standard is always a good shout in my book 😌

  • 30mm of spacers max?

    I hope there is a loooong headtube coming

  • with the headset, 30mm +10deg tall stack stem and +39mm bar rise, bars might actually be taller than the saddle on this one.

    this was my caad position for reference, which was a 20mm headset spacer and 0 deg stem

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  • that caad is a bit of me!

    did you ask for the same stack and reach as the caad so you can run drops too at some point?

  • it's pretty much the exact measurements of that bike give or take a little for the fork adjustments/ clearance/ lug tolerances.

    was a great bike, for exactly one summer, fit very well. shame the bike was not burly enough to for me to ride poorly off road and loaded up, and i had no interest in riding very far or fast

    all i did was put stickers on it and king cages, the bike itself was built by a friend whom was disappointed it was too long and now has a condor he stares at hatefully in his gamer shed. he did get all the parts back tho, and a nicer shimano shadow mech and 42t cassette for it, when it was parted out for the frame and brakes which are now on my pomp

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  • That black thing with Jones on it - is it actually a Jones? Where's all the silly extra tubing? That's pretty rad.

  • jones plus swb, they're pretty rad how it just bumbs into stuff­u3w&t&ab_channel=JonesBikes

  • I mean, he believes his own hype a bit but watching that I kinda want one, so it works :)

    I should've spent less time doing maths and more time working on my wheelies.

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MAJ's BlueSlug pompino and TVM "homer" ride reports

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