MAJs Center Parcs trail weapons

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  • This is the way. Modern 105 FD shifts like a dream.

  • people will be happy to hear i have finally ordered a mtb helmet after my trip to epping on the weekend and feeling sad i did not get to jump of the tantalising looking log jump due to being in just a, rather fetching, maharishi baseball cap

  • next purchase:

  • i did 10 hours of driving lessons once, it radicalised me a great deal

    "it's so dangerous".... "people do this every day!?!?!"....."i could have killed that small dog"..."this is so boring, it's like walking but worse"

    never again

  • It’s like you’re inside my head when I have to drive.

  • you cant call yourself a mountain biker if your driving to cycling ratio isnt at least 10:1

    please reassess

  • @spotter gave my partner some new bars to try, they were supposed to go on their impulsively bought fixie but after moaning about their mtb not feeling right off road I put them on that instead

    My partners bikes, not spotters

    Bike looks great

    Means they can actually use the rack and the bars are higher, rides like a bmx

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  • Oh smashing, the look great

  • What's the rack?

  • rawlands cycles :)

  • Always pleased to see these :-)

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  • Got their 11 speed version (think it’s called Hegoa) from SJS and seems to be ok, nothing special but not made of cheese.

  • New tyres are nice, bit narrower but fine for my needs, rolls ok with less effort than before, less noisy too

    Thread started as a knock off faran build, ended up with a knock off holt

    Partner seems to like their new bars after a quick ride round a local park then to the pub

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  • Also @Belagerent sent me this blahol belt to really up my Fakenger game, seems pretty cool for pootling about the city.

    Feels somewhere between high speed low drag milspex and Batman in terms of larping

    Also sent a nice jade green blahol waist pack I will make use of on the mtb

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  • Canti studs? I agree.

  • Sweet bikes👌 they look good together

  • What's bars are on the cotic?

    They look like they have a good amount of rise and sweep back!

  • They look good and fit the bike perfectly! ;-)

    Only thing I'm not sure about is the backsweep spec given on the freshtripe page.
    I have a couple of sweepy bars around and those Nitto ones look to be a lot more than 15 degree.
    Nitto themselves don't give a backsweep spec, neither do Blue Lug or other shops.

  • squishy fork question:

    keeping an eye on the O-ring it seems to end up at the top of the travel even on the most mundane of riding, is this normal?

    it seems to track lovely over rough grounds and i do not think i've felt a "bottom out" yet? maybe once? honestly it just seems really nice to ride, especially over mundane / rooty stuff but if i wanted it firmer? more confidence insipiring for bigger stuff??? i don't know how to explain it

    do i just put more air in????
    should i look at volume spacers???
    or is this the case that 100mm travel is quite mundane and more for comfort than anything?

    i hope it's not the last one where i'm confronted with the idea of "needing more travel", i think the cotic can only take 120 at max anyway

  • put more air in

    That one :-)

  • are all shock pumps equal or do i just buy the rockshox one?

  • Just buy the lifeline one from wiggle

  • this is what i like to hear!!

  • Just buy the lifeline one from wiggle

    Pretty much

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MAJs Center Parcs trail weapons

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