MAJs TVM homer, “Rivino” and past knockoffs

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  • do you rate the powder coaters then? good to know for future reference

  • yeah! think it's 80 if you want two colours, or if you want a specific colour they don't have in stock.

    @fizzy.bleach from this one experience yeah, for £50 I can't fault it, the only prep i done was remove all the bolts/ bits and leave a note in the seat tube specifying what i'd like masked etc, whether they read it or thought i was a dick for telling them how to do their job i don't know, but all came back as i specced. they seem to have bikes featured often on their pages.

    @alialias has apparently used them too when they were at their old location and has had mixed results, but didn't leave a note in the seat tube :thonking:

  • Paint and decals look so nice together!

  • This gon' be gooooooood

  • Some overspray, bolts powdercoated in-place, others removed and masked and occasional inconsistencies in the finish yeah - didn't stop me using them 3 times to be fair. @fizzy.bleach if you still have my old cross-check fork, it was done there when they were called Ashton Powdercoaters, before they had a fire.

    Really excited to see how this comes out! Silver finishing kit with the sparkle paint should be great. Decal colour is nice on the purple too.

  • need to next day an is adapter for the rear but really happy so far, think i will add the blue cable then see how i feel about the "technium " TT decal

    sat on it briefly, seems to fit, didn't expect such a large drop tbh, guess the headset takes up a little of the steerer,

    first time putting a bb and headset in and it was a bit nerve racking, sure if someone with mechanic skills saw they'd be horrified, probably if covid wasn't on i would have got the bb shell faced, but hey ho, cranks move.

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  • Love it

  • really rather good, I'd say

  • spent the morning putting on the rd, learning how to switch cassettes (not paying the bike person is new to me) and tweaking the hoods up to get a nicer elbow bend.

    The brake bracket was to arrive this afternoon, and it did! but the delivery driver informed me the peanut butter i had ordered with it exploded in transit. had to reject it so hopefully they send me another in the week?

    You see the bracket was £2.50, so to make minimum next day shipping spend i saw wiggle sold pip and nut pb, with discount it was £5 a tube, i put 3 in the basket and my housemate ordered some bar tape feeling rather jammy, alas.

    i think it's for the best because if it did arrive i'd have to start thinking about putting these cables on and honestly it feels me with dred, it's simply threading and cutting but it's hardly the "lego like satisfaction" of bolting it all together.

    i'm really happy with how it's looking so far tbh, overwhelmed by the response on here and from friends, when i was planning it my head and telling people before hand it was unanimous grimaces and "yellow???" but i'm glad i went through with it. I was worried it would be too small but with raising the hoods it feels pretty good in a balanced position, will it be another story on the road? who knows.

    in lieu of finishing the bike i put the seat charm on in preparation

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  • minty attachment for a #danglemug there, going home in a few weeks and might bring down a yellow flite if you fancy...

  • Looking good. Somehow the yellow tyres aren't totally horrendous

  • final update before it gets finished,

    brake adapter should arrive today and there is no pb to spoil the party this time.

    Also decided to go ahead and get a nitto M18 to attach my spare wald and the looming wizard works basket bag order (arrives next week?? who knows)

    it's a lot smaller than i expected, quite cute. I think the p-clips add a lot, at least that's how i'm justifying not getting fork mounts brazed

    @ZenithE now that does sound tempting....would i need yellow bar tape to match :thonking:

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  • :)

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  • Turned out great! How does it ride?

  • Actually angry that this worked out as well as it did, good work!

  • I believe the relatable forum word would be “dead”

    Compared to my past bikes it has zero go, no spring, weighty to flick over a speed bump, but it’s exactly what I wanted?

    Stable, plush, actively discouraged from trying to go fast, lazy handling.

    A comfortable wagon to just plug away on and carry light luggage, really quite happy.

    bike salesman voice “yeah some people say this bike feels unresponsive, And boaty, but the maker Wanted the owner to care about where they were going and what’s around them, more than their mode of transport doing it. Very much a pure gravel tourer, none others like it”

  • slaps roof of bicycle

    You can fit so many easy spins to the park for a couple of cans in this bad boy

  • I think you're obliged to say something like it "comes alive when the road turns to trail" ?

  • So yeah, I took it out for a spin this afternoon and as soon as I sat on it I noticed that unmistakable steel ride quality, Even with the low psi 43c tires You’d have to be a pretty low iq rider to not perceive it.

    While not exactly being snappy or quick to get up to speed, you really can move once you get it rolling, it just glides over everything and really munches those kilometres.

    The bike really flicks it up a gear when you hit the rough stuff, the ol’ dirt track, gnarmack, washboard, the mud highway, bridalpavé etc etc. One could describe the sensation as a magic carpet, something of a hoverboard, making you Marty Mcfly in a filet and a banana in your pocket.

    You’ll whizz past dog walkers and they scream something like “mind it you fucking idiot, I couldn’t hear you coming due to the compliance of your overall set up eliminating audible road buzz!!!!” Or something to that nature.

    The steering doesn’t seem to jitter as you’d find on steeper frames, and when you hit the descent it feels like you’re on rails, litterally, it’s like trying to turn a train. I’m sure I’ll fall off the side of alp de snek passé if I disassociated mid descent.

    But all in all I have to say it’s a must buy, 10/10, the ultimate all road gravel wagon monster cross grave bike touring bike day packer super commuter ultra distance racing machine

    sticks shotgun in mouth

  • Rep. This was all excellent.

  • “mind it you fucking idiot, I couldn’t hear you coming due to the compliance of your overall set up eliminating audible road buzz!!!!”

    Laughed out loud.

    The bike looks really nice though.

  • excellent 10/10

  • This has turned out really nice.
    I'd consider a brighter silver crankset in the future, but otherwise fine looking build!

  • i don't see it, i choose not to see it, i'm looking away, i cannot see

    i finally got round to fitting the rack and testing out the wizard works bags with a decent load, over the moon with them. i wanted them to look similar to my briefing japan messenger bag/ a think pad and they do. quite fun.

    obviously they're worth the price and the craftsman ship is way above that of buying some px podsacks for 5% of the price, definately...100%..........yes..........­...,,,,,








    next question

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  • are the pedals melting ? are these SpaceX tyres ? is there any gravel on Mars ?

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MAJs TVM homer, “Rivino” and past knockoffs

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