MAJs TVM homer and 4130 delerium (mtb edition)

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  • why all the hate for yellow?! my 2015 equilibrium is crying right now.

  • i had a yellow and orange kepler - looked great

    the reason is mainly is all the bikes i've bought recently i've not cared about the paint colour, my hard rule for my next one is it has to be in a colour i want


    the yellow is fine , you could build it with blue grips, cables and chainstay wrap and have your own spoon customs civic looking thing, v hesh

  • Ah it was TLDR

  • Epping today and my first ride on a bullit,

    Maslow hierarchy of needs: cargo bike

    Was a good day, good people, good bikes, good chips, good weather

    What more could you want

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  • Doesn't get any better than riding bikes in Epping with @Kidneys

  • Epping was actually with @launchpadboi , I met up with @Kidneys in Hackney marches on the way back off the ride, drenched in salt and 3 cans of coke deep.

    I’ve been wanting to see their planes (and cargo bike) for so long!

  • Was wildly pleasant. Off the scale niceness. A proper gangbang of vibes.

    Will be reprinting some 'bikepacking is shite' stickers soon :)

  • 'bikepacking is shite' stickers

    I'll take 500 of those please, to cover Barney's tandem

  • Covering it up won't make it go away...

  • got a new piece of gas pipe coming - exciting stuff

  • very close actually

  • Full NJS skidder

  • I'll allow it

  • some could say it is very close to a njs cargo bike

  • it just arrived, will take it for a spin when i finish work and put the bits on it

  • Oh yes

    Bonus pic of the partner doing their fist skids

    Got a great deal from @amey, but the best part was seeing his garden first hand

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  • looks like the things ted james does.

  • Damn, Amey has a big garden

  • I knew Amey was a #buyer but I wasn’t prepared for this

  • Went to Epping today for chips, cheated and took the train to chingford from hackney central

    Took ages to ride to hackney central tho as I had a flat before I left then didn’t seat the tire properly, queue a game of “what the fuck is that fucking sound” on the 3 mile ride to the station. Stopping every 300 feet to trouble shoot.

    Then hat ptsd that my fucking wanker brakes were not lined up properly all day. Enjoyable none the less

    in the evening went for a drink as an excuse to try out the esb properly on roads, it’s fantastic. Truly it’s everything I wanted out of the “big bmx” pompinos I built… but good???

    Best part is there is nothing to do to it other than enjoy it

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  • took the train to chingford from hackney central

    100% the right choice, there is no enjoyable road between those two points

  • Clissold > lee valley > cycle path up to whipps cross > then off road to donut > > highams park > hatch forest > white hall plain

    Although it is pretty chunky terrain, can imagine this route is not suitable for a esteemed fixed gear rider like yourself

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MAJs TVM homer and 4130 delerium (mtb edition)

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