MAJs TVM homer and 4130 delerium (final season(?))

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  • Tastefully undercooked and undersalted

  • If this got in the mainstream the bike industry would collapse adapt


    Poor pic of my fairly-anti Kaff build to show you what you need to avoid...

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  • This is high key a whip tho

  • i think you need a brompton with these tyres:­ing/double-fighter 16x1.75

  • Ta, it is my favourite only Pompino with gears.

    Confession: I'm kinda hoping for the "I'm just back from Bristol" post in here to see how creative you can get with one.

  • Could just go on eBay pick any frame and send it to the local coater
    £800 looking frameset right there, more if it has discs

    Trying to find that listing for that Kaffenback painted up to look like a Surly Straggler that was on here a while back as a case study to no avail

  • kaffenback with surly straggler paint scheme is honestly better than most of what's in the tate rn. Nearly as good as that planet x isen classified that was up.

  • Not as good as Kusama how dare you

  • Basically identical, both are are only popular right now because people like to have them in their instagram pics.

  • Homer update,

    Getting some bars made by mr vandal metal works, brief was “touring bmx bar” so a bmx bar with heavy sweep

    Will surely have gears and smaller tyres on

    This spurred by one of the now regular conversations with @Thrasher in which I sit in the kitchen and mock a certain type of bike person and then realise I’m mocking myself

    This time it was lamenting the sale of bikes over winter, there seemed to be a drout, joking people would be wanting a new bike for summer

    “For all those bike trips they have planned”

    These ultimately never formalise and are a cover for buying a new bike

    Exactly what I was doing


    A quick email over to the Scottish shed meister and they knocked up a prototype, exciting stuff

    It’s incredibly hard to have had a bike made for me and to have hit the nail on the head so perfectly first time, makes justifying another almost impossible,

    How’s one supposed to get guilt free endorphins if their bike isn’t flawed in some niche way for a fringe use case that may or may not ever happen??

    Quick change of gears or tyres, even bars can have it feeling fresh

    Maybe what I need is a tall stack stem made for it and I can have the ultimate modular platform

    Drop bars when???

  • Can't wait for the next five years of Homer content as you add and remove gears every 9 months.

  • 7 wheel sets, all 700c/29r but with different tyre widths

    Flicking through them like a wardrobe rail deciding between

    40, 43, 45, 50c, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2

  • Seven wheelsets, all 2.1 just with different tyres on.

  • Going roebuck in borough for a bike and pint next Monday 7? 730?

    Still happening

    With things the way they are if you could lat flow before coming would be ace, am vulnerable etc but covids not nice generally

    will be outside so dress warm

    Looking forward to it

  • Roebuck

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  • new bars welded up today for the homer,

    They’re looking mint tbh, excited to try them out next week

    Will need to put a new blade in my hacksaw tho

  • Are you cutting them down immediately?

  • Whats that bikes labelled "simpleone"??

    Kinda looks like exactly what you want/need???

  • This sir is @Thrasher ‘s rivendell

  • @Thrasher

    Are there any photos of this?!

  • @M_V has done it again,

    bmx touring bar was requested, bmx touring bar delivered

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    • 26746BE7-5B49-4A14-BA63-F9A3624BB8AA.jpeg
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  • look like VO Klunkers?

  • That looks awesome! For Homer?

  • Maybe a bit, these are more swept and most of the bars of this style on the market use a smaller diameter crossbar which (I think) is more 'braced scrambler/motox bar', I feel like using a 22.2mm diameter crossbar is definitely 'bmx'.

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MAJs TVM homer and 4130 delerium (final season(?))

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