MAJs TVM homer and liminal commuter

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  • Dibs wooden bike support stand

  • At this point my only hope is reprogramming my brain into thinking long bibs and helmets look cool.

  • Spend big on a Velo-Orange Neutrino so I may live my urban cycling fantasy vicariously through your thread from the comfort of my home, where such a bike would be entirely unsuitable.

  • Forgot the name of it, substitute mini velo for Neutrino in my prior comment. Add a full set of luggage for added hesh

  • Anyone got a 26” LHT I can try? 58/56?

    Any lwb 26” tourer really, just want to have a go

  • LHT

    The OG boat anchor

    Should add that I loved my LHT regardless

  • @goodhead logical but not in the parts bin

    @Sealclub shashiko distress some Uniqlo stretch jeans and then get a black block tech parka and some mirror shades, pair off with goretex hokas and you’re half way there while being bike functional

    @psg1ben it will be sub wanker in all but frame


    @Qebrus all valid but I was laying in bed last night thinking about 26” tourers so we will see where this leads

    @PhilDAS everyone says this and then they clock back into the thread 6 months later to say “SHES DONE IT AGAIN”

    @amey why would I get the worse longitude?

    @mf was considered but ultimately would run it single speed and I have enough single speeds, need gears, heart might explode etcetc

  • Ti29er inbred has all parts ready except forks from Germany to come. Just need to sort the minor inconveniences of a broken leg (F. knows when/if will ride a bike again!) and January's move to Scotland first...

  • I am not everyone

  • So much going on!!!!!!!!

    Also sorry about the leg? Hope the pup (not so much pup now) is looking after you during this time

    Looking forward to 2022 mtb ride in Scotland 😎

  • only powering me further

  • In that case.

    1 word, sjs

    2 words, Thorn Tourer

  • Another 2 words, Stanforth Kibo.

  • Thread needs more moodboard

  • Canada Water gravel with @launchpadboi, got to ride their stump jumper, painfully lite and very fun

    Currently 4 for 4 on “instant smiles” of people who have tried the homer, not including myself

    Here’s me falling off a kerb­eature=share

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  • Def get a nice retro 26" MTB frame.

  • +1 for 26er. Shout if you wanna borrow my Kona for a few days to get a taste of that sweet retro life.

  • just came here to say the homer is magical. climbs like a monkey, not sure how this is possible but it somehow is. *goes deep down to oneself and develops 29er brainworms

  • Preorder a stridsland Ti 26er

  • Rad. What anime is this?

  • Still patiently waiting/hoping I can grab a barnacle when they come out


    I can only assume that your full send was so gnar that it couldnt be recorded in anything but 240p?

  • Ploy to get people to check out the higher res version on my insta @hayleyridesbikes the hottest bike content on the internet

    @Heldring hill climb girl

    @tijs I will not be getting a vintage mtb

    @ElGonzo very excellent offer thank you, sadly I will be passing as Really want to try specifically a lht or thorn, even more ideally 1”threaded

    @PhilDAS I sadly already own the artisanal, 29r, alternate reality version

    @jontea low-key kinda hate that they only sell full builds because they’re steeply priced and kinda look bad???

    Just sell me a frame, but yeah, it’s in the thorn nomad/ lht/ Atlantis ball park, do like their bikes

    @Qebrus it would be done but they only sell ugly thread less ones now

    @launchpadboi you’re banned from buying any more frames till you actually complete a project

  • there is only one person I’d want the frame from lbhhhhh

  • @launchpadboi lol

    Yeah maybe not the best lookers

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MAJs TVM homer and liminal commuter

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