MAJs TVM homer and liminal commuter

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  • Great that it's rideable. Still like my idea 😅
    Coulda ran 2 gears if the tooth count wasn't too different between the two.

  • +1 this.

    Or a 'bikes fucking suck' sticker



  • Thank you @josh

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  • It’s perfect

  • Looks great!!

  • Lovely!
    The chain should stay put now,
    could the chain slap protection go away?

  • Could do but it looks hesh

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  • Gearing is nice tbqh

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  • Want new bike

    Have box of exceptional, well curated parts to put on new bike

    Trouble is I had the perfect bike made

    So now rationalising any new bike is impossible

    Do need something with gears tho

    But gears look ugly

    Motivation to buy bike with gears is low

    Two issues combined means can’t conceptualise a different bike

    All the bikes on insta do not look as good as my current bike

    Don’t want discs

    Don’t want 29r

    Don’t want 650b

    Don’t want 26r

    Do I even want 700?

    Maybe 35?


    Not 40s

    It’ll all just ride like all the other 4130 frames I’ve sold and not enjoyed

    Unlike this perfect bike I had made

    Maybe a clone of this bike with gears?

    But this bike was worse with gears

    Should just sell the spare parts

    Be done

    By myself a Rick bomber and eytys blade boots with the proceeds

    Look hot

    Ride the big bike in them

  • By myself a Rick bomber and eytys blade boots with the proceeds
    Look hot
    Ride the big bike in them

    My love for fashion is conflicting with my love for bikes. Right now the bikes are winning but I'm tired of looking like shit. I wanna look straight out of Rick's 2009 FW runway but be able to ride my bike more than 3 km in that, please enlighten me.

    Is it time to make a spin-off of "stylish cycling kit"?

  • Funnily enough I have a black waterproof bomber jacket from defunct stylish cycling kit brand Huez which I feel does ok as a Rick cycling alternative.

  • Sounds like you could build a sub wanker. Might save money for fashion endeavours.

  • That looks better as a singlespeed. You almost make me want a rim brake bike

  • Belt drive Rohloff build, similar to what @goodhead said.

    Or a standard geared mini velo!?

    Maybe a Hesh Dawes kingpin!

    Cargo bike?

    Want multiple ratios? Could get a Paul Melvin and go 1x2.

    Or do similar to the Homer, with gears and a dropper for the fun of it.

  • standard geared mini velo
    Dawes kingpin

    I support this

  • I think you're overthinking things

  • I love my dawes King pin tbf. Wicked little thing to ride

  • Thread title pls

  • Get a genesis vagabond

  • nah too small

  • fucking hell, 22 watchers. People are delusional.

  • dibs bar tape if split

  • it is awful, slippery

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MAJs TVM homer and liminal commuter

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