MAJs TVM homer and liminal commuter

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  • Wesley Snipes hot af.

    Demolition man is a top 10 classic for me.

  • Not seen trainspotting yet, bout time I think it’s so adjsacent

    @mf yooo demolition man fucks fr, honestly so camp we love it

  • damn sonnn da corona :( ! will pm off my personal @Maj

  • Demolition Man is so good. Any clue how you'd go about cleaning your arse with those shells? Sitting or standing?

  • Scoop/scrape the shit off your battycrease with the ‘live’ shell, clean it off that shell with the ‘cleaner’ shell, then clean the cleaner with the ‘cleaner cleaner’.

  • if i dont fix my bike saturday someone gets to come pick it up and take it home for free, no cap,

    im doing it

    it is being done

    the bottom bracket cant defeat me

  • also need an inline post but dont want to buy one and would trade for stickers

    any post



  • The Homer?

  • I have one ill post down for you. Pm me.

  • 1st dibs ;)

  • Just need the bb changing?

  • And some other minor bits

    It’s fine

    I can do it

    It’s just fixing my bike

    Have all the tools

    I will simply engage with the machine

    When it’s done I will have big bmx

    And never touch it again

  • If you keep at it there comes a point where fiddling with the bike is actually equal to or greater than the fun of riding.

  • Agreed.

    @Maj You got it!
    Then it’s on to sending some jumps, breaking stuff and fixing everything all over again.

  • @Hulsroy speaks the truth. I spend more time doing ‘miscellaneous tinkering’ than I do actually riding.

  • Just so you know I’m trying to fix my bike but the new cog is marginally slimmer and as such need another spacer

  • Bikes fucking suckkk loooooool

    Who finds this funnn?????

    Could be out doing something better with my life

    Gonna kms in the shed fr

  • its just so fucking boring

    bikes olease work challenge

    bikes dont be shit challenge

    companies make things a standard specification challenge

  • Fit the old sprocket somewhere out of the way to act as a spacer?

  • can we get a "cycling's a stupid hobby" forum sticker pls

  • Fuck bikes.

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  • Ooh, what does this button do?

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  • Hopefully makes it self destruct

  • If you’re wondering how the spacer was solved

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MAJs TVM homer and liminal commuter

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