MAJs TVM homer, “Rivino” and past knockoffs

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  • also buy a third hand

    Do you really need a third hand for v brakes?

    If you are ever in Birmingham (don't know why you would be tbf, but you never know) I'll happily give you a bike mechanic 1-0-1 or whatever, and we can def shred some bikes!

    Last question, can you wheelie this?

  • not at all, I’ve done them a good amount of times now, maybe enough to count
    on two hands and a foot. But it would be nice to have, I’m always dropping the Allen key when holding the cable.

    This would be good, I think my next things I’m going to have to learn is “repacking bbs and hubs”, now I’ve finally gotten over the fear of rear mechs and headsets, brakes and bottom brackets. I liked living in Birmingham tbf, controversial maybe.

    I absolutely cannot wheelie this, if anyone would like to try to wheelie this they’re welcome to

  • Repacking hubs and bbs is pretty easy, just fiddly and needs total concentration so you don't lose a bb.

    You'll be fine with it.

  • looks anxiously at their dyspraxic hands

  • Monthly reminder Lycra holds cycling back

    If you want to raise the amount of cyclists you can lead by example and look cute doing it

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  • Jeans all day everyday! you seen the squid dickies with the chamois built-in?

  • I have!

    They bang, someone in the sewing machine thread should start churning them out Imo!

  • I’ve got an old pair alongside some old bibs, I might give them a go one day soon! Will report back haha

  • Thank you for the rack and fitting it @Thrasher

    Few new stickers

    Still waiting on the custom ones

    Skate rack when

    Looking hesh Champ and I’m completely rivpilled

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  • I wish I had a bike like this again.

  • Slack chain

    Weird sound coming from somewhere

    Always dirty

    Never quite right for the use

    Bits bolted on just in case

    All your old stickers

    Indulgently upright position

    Couple of nice hand me downs

    Couple of not so nice hand me downs

    Some vague notions of a powered coat down the line

    Give it a refresh

    You never do

    It’s just right

    Always on the top of the pile

    We all need a bike like that

  • heshhhhhhhsb

  • New helmet

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  • Falafel run with the babe @merle

    Honestly this with the rear rack? The skate rack? It slaps

    Was wearing my blue lug hoody and some black, straight cut 316s riding into Peckham, down the side of telegraph hill

    Shit is so hesh

    Honestly a vibe

    This bike, the look, the location

    Real Brexit riv hours

    Love this bike

    It’s perfect

    Only downer is seeing Peckham high street about to reopen to traffic 😴

    Thought they’d finally seen sense?

    Boomer brain shit

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  • Getting skate pilled with @thrasher

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  • Herne hill night

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  • i once saw scoble on that road

  • When will you see me on this road tho

  • Can now sleep easy, it’s all done

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  • I had to Google 'Hesh' to understand the last few pages of this thread.

    For anyone else over the age of 30 left wondering: 'Hesh', when used as an adjective, means cool, couraeous, reckless, and describes the nihilisic, hedonistic lifestyles of these modern bon vivants.

  • Not too be confused with nesh.

  • What's changed? It looked the same a month ago

  • I lolled

  • To a healthy person, this is of course the same bike. A healthy person sees the bike for its tool worth, its ability to be used as a bike, so they might only see or notice a change if that is manipulated in some way, be it wheels, finishing kit or any other part.

    To the unhealthy brain there is something less physical going on, it’s the spiritual vibe of the bike, it’s essence , the soul, as some may describe it. While parts may help construct this it’s far more in the finer details some of which are:

    The fetching new pump strap which is actually a bmx brake strap repurposed

    The addition of the rear rack and fairdale skate rack, adding a certain joonayyssaayqois to the build, cementing I the bikes Philosophy of use

    The voile strap used to secure the rack, functional but also draws the eye, utilitarian as it is beautiful

    The transferring of the friendship bracelet from one pomp to another, an active of remembrance but also a superstitious element to carry some of the energy over

    The customised headset spacers, a personal touch, also from the old bike, being the same energy but also adding to the visual appeal of the package

    There has also been the application of stickers to visually fill the frame, not only do these add stylistic direction, but are physical wards to help the viewer better resonate with the creator via the shared history of established brands and common phrase

    The bag has been worn and used and is now part of the bike, the significance of it being it’s own object removed, it is now part of the same machine

    All this helps build the soul of the bike, to the point which takes it from functional tubes to something that, to quote a famous Japanese Philosopher, “sparks joy”

    All these factors together create a logical endpoint for this build, to get it to where I consider it done, to help free my mind from the treadmill of the project

    And it’s delightful, so if anyone would like to buy this viewings will be held SE, can ride to meet, dm if you’re interested will send more pics, want it gone quick because I have another boat anchor on the way and don’t really like this one

    Ta, H

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MAJs TVM homer, “Rivino” and past knockoffs

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