MAJs TVM homer, “Rivino” and past knockoffs

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  • stem

    i see what you did there

  • I like those tanglefoot bikes so much.
    I’m after something between that and a mone.

  • Rode the Blue slug to get coffee this morning, first ride on drops in a while, it looked fab outside the shop but riding it?

    Really sealed the deal for parting it out, much prefer the xl with swept bars, the stack / reach is identical, as is the gearing, but it just feels so much less chill in the riding position.

    Just have to accept I’m a swept back riser type of girl, for now, and that’s ok

    Now it’s in bits, in the basement? Feel much better, done, finito, over, CANCELLED

    Looking forward to putting some of the charms on the big pomp, make it more homely

  • I know I provisionally dibsed but Its just not a smart move for me as I think an xl would suit me more etc!!

    Thanks tho!

  • I think this is the right call king, it’s a bit small

    If anyone wants the frame in SE, £130? Original fork, great stickers, get in touch

  • Temptation to keep this as it looks hesh as fuck

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  • Just slap another S&M sticker on the front of whatever replaces it and you'll be golden.

  • I just want to go home cc is great.

  • New build just dropped

    Anyone got trucks / wheels/ bearings to fit an 8.5?

    Gonna give myself another concussion , maybe learn more than riding down hills this time round

    Shout out to @buttrockanthem for the freebie

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  • I have just been doing some aesthetic tweaks to the big pomp after some larger than my usual rides and a month or so of constant riding, maybe 300k?

    A lot for me, I work from home, I never actually ride the bike to places, so it’s technically all “ride miles”, off road mainly, few gnarly kerb jumps, single track

    1) the rear wheel is out of true, I assume this is eppings doing, a few roots or rocks on the the 35s, I’m hardly the most skilled rider

    2) a weird squeak? This is the bb or the rim touching the pad from the out of true wheel

    Given the bb was recently serviced and repacked find it hard to be the former, but who knows

    3) the Paul lever is squeaking, I assume from excess cable pull / cable stretch but one cannot wind the pads in to account for this due to the wheel

    I’m a bit worried as it was the side which fell in the mud last week, and it would be very typical that my Bougie mtb levers get muddy once then break

    4) my starnut seems to be self extracting?????? Seems wild, definitely should not be, alas bikes do not surprise me anymore.

    I’ve hammered it in for now and there is no play in the headset, not the end of the world will get replaced at some point.

    Moral of the story? Don’t ride your bike

  • Lol

  • Moral of the story?

    Is it something about bigger tyres?

  • Ok so thank you to mr arkane who gave me a spoke key I think I made the wheel more straight

    I use the term “more straight” as it’s definitely not “true” but maybe good enough till it explodes from my shoddy tensioning??

    there is still this weird squeak, and things mentioned above, but it’s rideable

    You can’t really hear the squeak of the cars so I’m not sure why I’m concerned

    Added an extra spacer under the stem, spot on now, really chill

    How do people just have silent bikes forever, I will never know, you ride it for like 30 feet and something else crops up?

    Maybe I can get a clip on speaker and drown out the thoughts of a noisy bike with awful pc music

    Good enough to ride to the skate shop on the weekend at least, needs a little rear rack and fair weather skate rack for full “ crusty sam fran riv owner and poser ” vibes

    The smaller pomp is gone, went to a good home so that’s re-assuring

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  • A quiet bike is a endless endeavour, I’m always hoping that one day I’ll crack it and the silence will continue forever.

  • needs a little rear rack and fair weather skate rack


  • 3) the Paul lever is squeaking

    Try popping a little drop of oil in the cable end holder and, if it's the older version with the hollow pivot, around the pivot too. Has usually sorted it for me.

  • you can get a skate rack from !

  • I’m going to try this! Thank you!

    @rodhusk this Is sorely tempting,

    Do we feel racks make bike less ore more stealable? Answers below please


    In other news

    Brexit crust committee beat actual crust to the punch on this one­?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

    slaps one of homers 4000 top tubes


    This is the vibe I like to create when going cycling 😎

    Worble and frog…..but for bikes

    The dream


  • This video slaps, my kinda riding.

    Big vibes.

  • Yooooooo this worked! Thank you!!

    Also fitted a new star nut, but after doing it once more with a big Allen key and a hammer, I’m buying the tool

    Every time I have the right tool it’s like “ok this wasn’t so bad”

    So I will get this tool for next time

    I should also buy a third hand while I’m at it

    But honestly so glad I fixed that squeak

    Turns out if your bike makes a noise you have other options than simply “buying a new one”?

    Who knew

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MAJs TVM homer, “Rivino” and past knockoffs

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