MAJs TVM homer, “Rivino” and past knockoffs

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  • The beater is my mental state

  • New seatpost, a bar and brake tweak today,

    Took it for a little spin up and down the hill

    The passion is back baby! starting to feel TIGHT!

    The inline post is just what it needed, that and adjusting my saddle height with a tape measure rather than my eye, was not far off tbh, little high

    Freewheel and chain

    Ready to go 😎

    I’ve seemingly built, unbuilt and faffed with my bikes enough times now it’s starting to not feel like hell every time the stand comes out, that and I’m identifying the issue off the bat.

    Only taken….18 months and god knows how much wasted stuff… education dues I suppose

  • I probably enjoy fettling/tinkering with bikes more than actually riding them, maybe why I waste/invest so much on them.
    Loving the 'not worth nicking' bike.

  • I should never have sold my xl pompetamine

  • 🐸☕️

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  • Thinking of a wanker bike ride on the 7/8th of aug (tbd)

    This ride will be on the 7th of aug, thinking chingford station about 10am?

    In other news

    Brexit riv is cosmetically done

    Actually rides pretty chill, like it quite a lot

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  • I should have tried and inline ffs. Who was I trying to be :(

  • You can have dibs on this, the superior rim brake version, it’s ok 😇

    It is now DONE

    Quickest I’ve ever changed a free wheel and chain, cut it too short, but I simply

    Used The Correct Tool

    To extend it again and all was fine

    It now goes


    instead of

    Knock……knock knock…..knock

    Thank you to @Thrasher for the good deal and use of his work vice

    Think it’s 20-44 now? Chiller.

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  • Chilloski

  • 🙌 all this needs is a sparkly PBAS sticker to finish it off.

  • yesss!! maj get on it.

  • maybe not a fan of the delicious goodness...?

  • i have no idea what this is referencing, my limited lufguss tenure is showing

  • seems only listening to soundcloud rap and hyper pop has left me in poor stead to pick up grime memes

  • peanut butter? i can endorse this more than geriatric grime

  • 🎯

  • They belong in Btec grime if you ask me

  • Great looking bike!
    What bars are those?

  • thank you! nitto b812, px had them for £30 in the sale a few weeks back

  • just took a spin down to peckham, pick up some straps and spacers from wizzz works

    honestly, the fact i can ride pretty much to the center of town without touching a major road amazes me for what is something so densely populated. just a little touch of segregated shared use and some purposeful pedestrianisation and you've turned a world city into a bike friendly place.

    compared to manchesters approach of "skinny strip on side of big road", "shared use as in we put a bike sign occasionally but also here's a bollard every 200m" and "path where you will be mugged outside of working hours", seems to be quite intuitive. still bitter about their approach tbqh.

    bikes nice, rides nice, and the chain is stretching out finally to fit the slightly worn cog. honestly lovely bike

    now i finally have the right spacers/ straps for the bag and finishing touches in place, might take a few pictures in a park, is grenwhich park nice? looks quite big, can you ride a bike there?

  • grenwhich park

    good for walks crap for cycling

    try this itinerary it's platypus approved and very scenic:
    start in peckham
    east to bird in bush park, cute dirt pump track
    south to telegraph hill, great views from the top
    south across aspinall road, tiny cut thru
    thru brockley, across hilly fields park
    south down ravensbourne river path, lovely to bike along
    west to blythe hill fields and another great view
    west thru honor oak to canonbie road, the greatest hill in london
    freewheel all the way to peckham rye and cop a restorative ayran at khan's for 65p

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MAJs TVM homer, “Rivino” and past knockoffs

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