MAJs BlueSlug pomp, TVM Homer and 2nd, bigger, pomp

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  • Excellent dog spot!

    New page fail!

  • Thinking of a wanker bike ride on the 7/8th of aug (tbd)

    Low key
    Epping forest
    Party pace
    More vibe than ride

    Self supported, any bike you like, must stress roadie behaviour will be frowned on

    I’ll be riding a single speed, chilling, looking great, hope it’s dry

    Doubt I’ll even be in bibs

    Ideally it’s just making coffee and lunch in the woods vibing and getting footage of big skids down trails

    All attendees will get a sticker, if they bring me a sticker they’ll get two

    Got a few people on board already, voice your interest if you want to come through

    Social distance etcetc, it may be freedom day but Bojo has insisted i must survive adjacent to the rest of society

  • Sounds ideal, will tentatively put my name down!

  • Yup probably up for this. Will PM when I have a minute.

  • This sounds amazing!! But ill be in wales that weekend :(.

    I'd like to get down the LDN soon with my bike!

  • bring the red stem

  • I will be buried with that stem.

  • Have you paid the toll?

  • I will be buried with that stem.

    In Epping forest?

  • Struggling to contextualise this outside of ASIP, the toll?

  • You gotta pay the troll toll to get in, tbf.

  • The people don’t want to hear it, but it has to be said, modern deore brake levers are nicer than these

    And to go one further, I consider a blue shimano logo sticker a greater prize than a silver Paul one

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  • Well, if you need someone to take them off your hands...

  • wouldn't want you to make the same mistake i did, i'll take one for the team and simply install the levers and make do

  • A noble act

  • Got some wheels from arkane WW, rebuilt with the old hubs, some wiiiide silver rims

    They’re very AWOOGA,

    it started to rain as I slipped the tyres on, so if it stops later maybe I will get the wheels on the frame and change the brake levers, slowly ticking jobs off.

    Things left:

    Remove the WI free wheel from another wheel and fit it

    Fit a new chain when that happens

    Get some new grips (I see Tokyo bike has the blue lug oury colours, might make a trip later in the week)

    Fit the inline post when it arrives

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  • I love that new wheels feeling.

  • Pretty chill

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  • Bar ends

  • I thought the idea of this was to keep it low key?

  • Yeah I know, and eve wasn’t supposed to eat the apple from the tree of knowledge

  • low key is dead anyway, you shine as bright as you want too

  • :)

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  • Very nice, is this the beater or the other one?

  • Beater is the next one

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MAJs BlueSlug pomp, TVM Homer and 2nd, bigger, pomp

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