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  • Hello forum Goers

    You may have seen my previously advertised wanted post for a rim brake gravel bike, it was up for 18 hours and in that time I bought a disc brake boat anchor.

    Let me set the scene, it's a Saturday evening and I've just been turned down on my 3rd offer of some outdated frame which rides exactly like my caadx, it's deep dissociation hours here. I'm quite literally at the point of typing "steel bike" into ebay, flicking through page after page of bikes people i assume people have pulled out of their local canal to satisfy bike demand. Seven pages in i'm like "i'll go to 10 and then i'll close it for the night", page 8 nothing, half way down page 9? damn, we have a candidate.

    looks like it can fit a trendy tyre?


    In a haze i submit "£190" as an offer, instantly rejected (terrible ebay feature btw), i'm stuck at the slot machine now tho, one more spin. "£200" and i see the dreaded "your offer has been sent", slightly worried i think it's ok, they will reject.

    an hour of twitter later and my phone pings "congratulations maj, you own the exact type of bike you sold last month!", my mouth went dry, i sweated, think i passed out after that.

    waking up the next day it didn't take long to dawn on me i still had this frame sitting in my basket to be paid for so i thought maybe i should do some research before i take the rep hit.

    tootling around the internet i found some promising stuff, could take a 46 700c knobbly? has something called a gusset? geo looks like i can not run spacers???

    I reluctantly pay the person and think what the hell, linking it to @Belagerent he's come to expect my awful bike buys, but after laughing he points out i've bought a faran? neither of us can believe the luck the simulation has handed to us.

    What am i going to do with this frame?

    build it? maybe? probably build it up as a 1x gravel wagon that bears a similarity to a 1990's mtb in looks? get it powdercoated? maybe add mounts to the fork?

    budget for this build?

    ideally the scraps i have left from selling my other bikes which i didn't spend on a overspecced beer carrier fixed gear bike and wizard works bags i bought

    what do you need for the build?

    hope headset
    chainset and BB
    rear derailleur suitable for a 11-40 casette
    cable shifters
    typ spyres
    nice polished finishing kit

    of you have any of these please feel free to flog them to me, luckily i didn't sell my nice disc wheels so i have them knocking about

    how is this any different to the sweet caadx you own?

    no comment

    why didn't you hold out for the frames in your sale post

    no comment

    how much saddle time have you put in on any of your bikes this summer to justify such a project that you need another niche build?

    look i'm on a bike forum for a reason, i didn't log onto "" for a reason

    how long do you see this taking?

    what to sell it? oh you mean build....uhhhhhhhhhhh hopefully a couple of months or so

    can we see what you bought?

    sure, here's a photo

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  • This is nothing like a Faran. This is just a standard 631 frame with an ugly gusset. The Faran is a 631 frame with an ugly gusset and an accompanying 20 page pdf which explains why they added an ugly gusset.

  • you're right @Belagerent , it could not be a faran as this bike has clearly been used judging by the paint chips and faran would be spotless because the owner "never did get round to that tour and now has a baby on the way..."

    I received an email from the seller the other day stating they'd dropped it off for hermes pick up but they refused to take it as it was 2cm too big? If it wasn't hermes i'd think he was taking me for a ride.

    with a bank holiday of sitting and staring at a frame out the window I decided to map out the sort of parts i'd need to build it into what i could justify as "different to the caad"

    parts i'd ideally like used so if you have any of them and don't mind posting hit me up!

    105 5800 shifters - have them on the caad and really like them, they look rather good a nicer than newer ones imo

    44/46cm flared bar - something like an easton ea50 ax or ritchey venture max would be nice

    130 bcd narrow wide 38t - going to be one by, a wolf tooth or hope would be nice!

    trp spyre post mount - going to be cable discs, purely for aesthetics and ease of maintenance, would also take juins or bb7's

    bottle cages - either king cages x2 or some vintage anno ones would be nice

    hope headset polished silver - i'd take other colours possibly, in good condition functionally but dont mind the odd bit of character visually

    pedals - some mks sylvians would be nice? thinking cages and toe straps on this one

    The rest of the parts i've got specific items in mind or are consumables such as:

    blue anodised seatpost - 27.2 350mm, i've found a couple but if you have a vintage one in cood nick which is non ££££ paul i'd be interested. been hooked on pictures of old yetis with bright seatposts for a while, seems good

    VO / genetic tall stack stem - like the look of these to give the bike an integrated quill stem look, like many a 1990 mtb to match the theme, will likely be powdercoated same colour as the frame

    yellow gravel kings - could be yikes, could be hot, im undecided, in my head it looks lairy and the right kind of bad taste but it's a while before i have to make a decision where i'll chicken out and just get black knobblie ones

    blue cabling - same reasoning as above

    what i have already

    hope/hydra wheelset - off my old kepler, lovely wheels, need a service according to my go to bike guru @fax_yourself , nearly sold these? maybe if i did earlier i wouldn't have this frame

    11-40 xt cassette - i bought this for the caad last month, it's quite great running a 40-40 gear, but i will be switching the caad to a sub compact with 11-34 for crisper shifting and a more road orientated purpose

    rx800 rd - bought another of these for 50% off, they're great imo, clutch, can hack for large range, just great

    shimano 130 bcd crank - @alialias has kindly sold me a 4600shimano crank to get the ball rolling, looks pretty good, he's also said i can borrow his partsbin ratbike tiagra gruppo to test ride the bike before i chuck money at it getting it painted built, good guy

    here are some pics of the vibe

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  • i made it to the end (jumped a few paragraphs) nice selection of retro mtbs ! why dont you buy a retro mtb ?
    purple is too #ontrend imo. theres an avalanche of purple in the cannondale thread, which can only mean one thing

  • i would have jumped the whole thread imo,

    why dont you buy a retro mtb ?

    I did consider a 26r for a long time, going backwards and forwards on different steel frames,
    But a sad realisation that i don't own a van or an estate but instead 10 miles of poor cycle infra to get anywhere worth riding one, so a "big tired" gravel wagon makes most sense.

    purple is too #ontrend imo

    for anno, agreed, will be all black/ blue/ silver for this, well, just the blue post really. for the frame, unfortunately i outsourced the colour scheme to my partner and they chose this gloss black with ruby flake which looks a bit like a sparkly GT

    at least that's what i'm telling myself

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  • lovely hermes man just dropped this off

    35c for context.

    it's pretty sweet for a raleigh

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  • first bits have started arriving,

    took a gamble on on this colour match and i have to say, im pretty gassed on it, pretty good going for non custom.

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  • Sweet! Looks like a great bike.

  • Interesting frame, definetly has potential!

  • Frame went to the PC today, using cyclone powder coating in Stockport, £55-85 for the blast and a sparkly paint, seems fine if they take care for the higher cost, could be teaming the frame still tho,

    More bits turned up in the mean time, the yellow tyres look like Lego bricks

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  • artists impression of the final result

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    • artists impression.png
  • Looks like it'll be suitably rowdy, not sure how I feel about the tyres but I guess that's the reaction you want from something with yellow tyres!

    You based around Stockport?

  • they look a little more cakey than expected, quite like it

    also some more parts generally, have everything now, hopefully frame will be here today? unlikely, probably monday

    yes! live in south manchester

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  • nice, you should be able to get yourself a pair of free pit vipers in exchange for instagram posts ; )

  • Ahh cool, I'm in Levenshulme! let me know if you want a tag along to ride some gravel with!

  • Back from the powder coater

    Decals on

    Would recommend cyclone to anyone, was £50 and everything got masked, gave it back bubble wrapped and spotless

    I’m actually made up, was worried for a second but looks unreal for £50 and £10 decals

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  • Looks stunning, a nifty for that is a bargain in my book.

  • Looks great!

  • this looks excellent. what was turnaround like?

  • thanks people!

    as for turn around i gave it to them late Monday afternoon, got it back end of business Thursday the week after, I had it picked up and delivered, it was ready for collection on the Wednesday/ Tuesday.

    pretty good in my book considering it was a relatively tiny order and the plague is on!

  • amaze !

  • Great choice of colour. I think you'll get away with the yellow tyres too, which is no mean feat in itself.

  • Huh I actually looked at that frame on ebay and even started looking into the tyre clearance and some reviews of it etc. Decided BB drop was too low for 650b.

    Looks like it's gone to a good home though, paint looks cool and sounds like it's gonna be good.

  • funny you should say, first think i did was check they fit (43x700) and well, much like the tyre colours it's definitely marmite!

    @oheyitsdrew think you dodged a bullet, even on 700c it's pretty low, next to my cad it looks like a childs bike without the touch points on

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  • frame and forks for 50 £?

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MAJs Center Parcs trail weapons

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