Orange C-16R - retro mtb build

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  • I decided that I also need a cheap, 90's, 26" MTB to restore and have some fun with over the coming winter, so I have happily secured myself a 1995 Orange C-16R.

    The cranks included on this bike were recalled by shimano in 1997 for safety reasons, so I’ll be replacing them and go for a 1x set up.

  • Upon closer inspections it’s in much worse condition than I anticipated

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  • Classic bike. I wouldn't worry too much about the cranks. If they've lasted this long I doubt they are going to break now.

    Will be good to modernise it a little though and a 1x setup make loads of sense!

  • .

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  • Taped holes and filled with rustoleum

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  • Stripped frame

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  • Painted

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  • Decals on ready for clear lacquer

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  • Frame finally complete after about 2 months of work. I ended up replacing all of the components with the exception of the seat and post.

    Sadly I couldn’t use the original canti brakes as I can’t fit a cable hanger with the new threadless headset so I had to go with v-brakes.

    Just awaiting bars and new bottom bracket to arrive in the post before assembling fully.

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  • Super nice build and re-paintjob

    Silver Vs would make sense though

  • Nice, saw one of these on gumtree locally but was too late. Frame geometry looks good.

  • I've never resprayed a bike before, I'm going to try it soon. What did you for the clear coat?

  • Sadly I couldn’t use the original canti brakes as I can’t fit a cable hanger with the new headset / stem set up so I had to go with v-brakes.

    Nice frame! What would be the problem with fitting one of these? They're generally considered to be more effective than hangers mounted in the headset spacer stack.

  • I like the symmetrical look of cantis, but I have yet to try any that matches the stopping power of V brakes

  • Thanks very much! I did consider one of these but I would have had to drill the forks out to make it fit, plus I thought it would have looked kind of messy up front.

  • Same here re aesthetics. I've read that V's are better to operate so it's not all bad.

  • Just awaiting new bb then ready to wire up. Note the paint chip on the tt as a result of knocking it over earlier today.

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  • .

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  • The forks only have a hole in the front of the crown and not the back. That's very odd!

    In any case, I fully support switching to Vs as they're just better brakes. Cantis annoyed the hell out of me, although TBF that was mainly the old eyebolt pad attachments that made adjustment a nightmare.

  • There is a hole on the back of the crown but the diameter is too small to allow for the back nut. Not a massive job to drill out but I figured V's were the easier option all round.

    I was quite looking forward to working out how to fit and adjust cantis, I had already cleaned up and refurbished the existing pair in preparation but I guess we can't have it all.

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  • what about something like:

  • Oh damn! I guess home paint jobs really are as fragile as people on bike forums say they are :(

  • This was home made, during the Portuguese Summer:

    I left it to dry for 2 / 3 days between each paint coat, same for the clear coat, and after fully painted, it was like... 1 week outside during the day to "cure" the paint (without direct sun

  • I explored this option as well but the steerer tube is only just long enough to cope with the new larger threadless headset and stem.

    The stem is already perilously close to not gripping enough of the steerer tube to remain safe, so this devise wouldn't have worked. I even had to find a longer than standard m6 top cap bolt so it would reach the star nut.

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Orange C-16R - retro mtb build

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