Work - what are you doing differently?

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  • I'm currently engaged by a charity, who've asked me to do a piece of pro bono work looking at what other organisations (across any sectors) have done to adapt their culture and procedures in home-working, running meetings, keeping staff happy and engaging clients/donors. I'm struggling to find much in the public arena that's particularly innovative/interesting.

    So, I'm grateful for any thoughts, ideas, examples of what firms are doing differently now that is helpful in making working life better. Not necessarily game-changers, though they would be nice - expecting to find more of the marginal gains type of shizz. All thoughts welcomed.

  • The Working From Home thread had a few decent bits on the opening pages, but then descended into the usual cycle forum 'What cool stuff can I buy' blah.

  • Regular team video meetings (three times a week) for 15-20 minutes just to exchange views and have a chat.
    Randomised coffee (voluntary, once a month or so) to have a chat with one or two other people from other bits of the business for a half hour.
    Virtual pub on a Friday night (we’ve had a couple of quizzes in this slot)
    Virtual Town Hall meetings for each region every two weeks

  • If you want examples of how not to do it I can give a few #disgruntledworker

  • @h2o - Thanks, that's the kind of stuff we're after, though almost everyone seems to be doing the same things.

    @Silly_Savage - if you actually have examples of attempted innovations that haven't turned out as expected, that would be helpful.

  • Some random thoughts:

    My team has a daily half hour video call in the diary. Not everyone can make it everyday but we all try. Sometimes there is business but otherwise we chat about what we did at the weekend etc. Works well for an opportunity to informally raise things.

    The company has been sending home things like desk chairs and monitors to make home working more comfortable.

    We are about to let some people work from the office who are finding it difficult to work from home (eg in a flatshare with a tiny bedroom and can't work in the kitchen/living room). Limited numbers so they can keep apart.

    Apparently people were working longer hours and finding it hard to switch off without the home/work divide so we have had Finish Early Friday in July and August where we have been encouraged to log off at 2pm and go do something else instead. More 'customer facing' teams have been rotating other days around within the team to ensure there is cover.

    We have had some online socials eg quiz, scavenger hunt.

  • I am outright denying zoom meetings and saying 'this can be an email' a lot. I am doing fewer zoom calls than I was when I was physically at work.

    I am maybe spending more time 'logged in' not sure if I am working more or less; most likely less.

  • With the exception of the team meeting or if you are my boss, his boss (etc) I deny meetings without an agenda but I've been doing that for years anyway.

  • nice yeah, i have no boss as such ..

  • We started having (optional) company-wide 'virtual tea/coffee mornings' twice a week on Teams;
    Monthly(ish) business overview/COVID updates from the CEO, again on Teams;
    Weekly e-newsletter sent round (via Outlook/Sway), people chuck in photos from their weekends, recipes, and introductions to new starters.

  • Morning start up skype call (no video) 9am to discuss working agenda for the day, raise issues, etc.
    Started with manager sharing screen and going over various actions, now it s a 2 minute call of "any issues?" "no" repeated 8 times.

    No welfare checks, no emails to see how I am coping, no random calls to check in with me, pretty poor TBH.

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Work - what are you doing differently?

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