• This is fantastic, love it a lot.

  • Very nice! Turned out great

  • I think I prefer the look of the 1a to the Salsa FWIW

    I do too, tbh.
    I would welcome a cheaper source for 26.0 quill stems with a bit of rise (or for Decathlon to keep making their 25.4 compact drops).

    Salsa are nice enough but when you're really only after something that works, it is annoying that they cost £100, and something more or less the same with a 25.4 clamp is a tenner.

  • This came out so well! All the proportions feel on point.

  • I’ve successfully used 26.0 piegas in those ITM eclypse stems. There’s also a black version of those

  • Nitto technomic aren't cheap, but less than 100. They come in 26 and have long shafts. (Ha).

    Also @Rik_Van_Looy what are those beautiful cranks on your rih?

    This thread and the one with the tip find Mercian make me want to build a bike.
    Haven't even finished the last project though.

  • Thanks, I really like them too, they're Nervar - standard 50mm BCD to take TA or Stronglight 49D rings.

  • All my stem dreams came true:

    Sure I have a can of black paint somewhere...

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    • Screenshot 2021-12-04 at 15.48.09.png
  • Ah Nervar, thanks!

  • Looks fantastic!

  • Does this already have road shite and brake pad juice all over it? Curious to see some pics!

  • @kjlem
    Sorry just seen this - tbh it's still pretty clean. I'll ride through some puddles / slip around in my local park, and get back to you in a few weeks.

  • The glorious GAZ bike, spotted in Beckenham Park Place today... Looking great in the flesh!

  • Good spot! Too bad our paths didn't cross, would've been nice to catch up.

  • I was on a Pashley carrying two kids, struggling uphill... Especially in the mud!
    Cool panier too on your bike!

  • Wondering what the frame size is here.

    53x55 perhaps?

  • Pretty much spot on, well done!
    53 ST / 54.5 TT

  • Any updates @gaz ?
    Are you still enjoying the bike?

  • I still have a knee injury so haven't had the chance to use the Varonha much.
    Proper / longer rides will be impossible until that clears up, which really sucks as it's been over six months since I last went on a proper ride and I'm starting to wonder if it'll ever get better.

    Been using the Evans / GAZ bike for knocking around town but as I'm working from home and have a newborn baby in the house, that hasn't amounted to much yet. Although I must say it's been fun whenever I have used it : )

    I did buy a new rear rack the other day... but it looks like the rear light is in the way so will have to figure something out when there's time.

    And the mudguard struts keep rubbing on the tyres, so that'll need sorting too (probably with wider mudguards).

    But for now it's all just baby stuff!

  • Bummer about the continued knee injury, fantastic news about the little person!

  • Ah, thanks Jon : )
    We've only had him since the 13th and it's already been one hell of a trip!

  • Bike looks awesome. Desperately trying to find something blue to finish the world champ color scheme.

  • Not blue but I was thinking of trying a Turbo for that very reason : )

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    • Selle-Italia-Turbo-Saddle-2.jpg
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Varonha Frameworks winter bike / FW Evans 650b conversion rat bike fun

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