• With wheels:

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  • Epsom salts, Maldon Sea Salt, or just plain old Saxa?

  • Not pink enough for a grit bin special

  • .

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  • Nice, This going to be great! So will it be clear lacquer over raw?

  • Yeah, pretty much.
    I have some clear coat and some glittery stuff.

    It came out of the bath after a few hours looking very orange....

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  • This is silly. Get it painted properly man

  • yeah this!

  • Great modifications to the frame!

    Maybe a ratty paint job would have more longevity...

  • I'm having far too much fun to do anything sensible with this.

  • @reeen needed here for perfect rusted effect expertise.

  • Productive morning... used almost all of both cans. Must be about 8 - 10 layers. The rust is still a little too orange for my liking but who cares really.

    Haven't done the forks yet... I asked Winston to keep them messy for me but I might clean them up before I get stuck in.

    If anyone's interested, I did about 2 or 3 layers of clear coat, then put the stickers on, then just kept on spraying til the cans were almost empty.

    I'd forgotten I went for golden Gazelles - they look quite good with the brazing.

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  • Nice! Rebirth of the Galaxy somehow...

  • This looks like a great job. Would have aligned the rainbow stripes closer to the Z if it were me but love the finish.

  • Cheers : )

    I kinda know what you mean... I ended up just cutting out the 'ELLE' out of the 'GAZELLE' and leaving the rest as it was; so the stickers are the same size as normal, only with a few letters missing.

    Saved me having to realign the thin boxy bits / get both sides the same size, etc.

  • Indeed!

    This is all about replacing the Galaxy - the build will be more or less exactly the same too.

  • Why did you remove all paint and not leave some of it?

  • There's still some red on the forks!

    The frame was shot-blasted so that was all or nothing. (£20 on shot-blasting seemed better than buying drill attachments and Nitromors, and doing it all myself)

  • Had the steerer cut / headset fitted yesterday, so made a start on the build.

    But I've noticed that the bars aren't level... And as they're brand new, I have cunningly deduced that the stem is damaged. Which makes sense as the whole previous build got squashed like an empty packet of crisps.

    It took me forever to find a 70mm 5 degree, 26.0 quill stem... and I had to pay over the odds for a stem because everyone has gone mental for Salsa, and they're the only people niche enough to make them.

    So... what's the solution to this?
    The stem is steel and there's no cracks that I can see... maybe I can just twist it back? If so, how can I do that?

    Or is it time for a new stem?

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  • Stem is Steel? Could be coldset

  • Yeah, these old Salsa stems are steel.
    How would you go about applying the force?

  • I've made a crooked stem once or twice ;-) Shit moves when welding you know.

    I would put the quill part in a beefy frameblock in a sturdy vice mount on something solid. Then mount a pretty solid and relatively long round stock or tube in the bar clamp and the just Hulk it in place. It only looks to be a degree or two out...

    And then take the frame to the painters... That is what I would do ;-)

  • Ha ha, glad to see you're not dropping the campaign to see this painted!

    Thanks for the advice... must say it's reassuring to know there are people that have done this before.
    That all sounds reasonable to me. Will throw it Winston's way... I have no vice and no solid surfaces.

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Varonha Frameworks winter bike / FW Evans 650b conversion rat bike fun

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