• I'm merely following the trail of your previous anodizing antics ;)
    If you go for the ergotec, you should definitely keep the clamping mechanism black to keep in line with the overall colour scheme.

  • Of course!
    I'm all about keeping it stealthy.

  • So I now have 38mm tyres on the Dawes. They actually only measure about 32mm so I think I could even bigger if I want to (the 32mm GKs came up as 28mm on these rims), but I'm not sure about clearances for off road riding.... what do people think - Can I go a couple of mm bigger or this already close enough?

    I've heard 40mm is enough for almost anything.

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  • That looks about right. I wouldn't want to go bigger than that.

  • Cheers @MisterMikkel - was doing a bit of reading about it yesterday and someone very reasonably pointed out the advantage of having enough room to get home on a slightly buckled wheel.

    Which is a shame as it would be nice to go up to 40mm... but also a blessing as it means I don't have to buy another set of tyres!

    Gonna head out later and see how they cope.

  • I wouldn't be too fuzzed about the last couple of mm. I'm a 100 kg+ rider and I am quite content on my 35 mm Conti Grand Prix Urban on most gravel.
    If you're looking to improve comfort, you might be able to improve it by lowering the pressure in your current tyres.

  • Finally managed to get out for a spin on the Dawes with its chunky new tyres. No punctures this time so I'm calling that a success. It's a lot of fun knowing you can go (almost) anywhere, and it's a real education after years of cycling the same lanes to see how things join up with these little paths and bridleways.

    The tyres are surprisingly fast on tarmac and seem plenty good enough for paths like this one (so far so good anyway).

    I also put a new saddle on it to replicate the set-up on the Varonha.

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Varonha Frameworks winter bike / Dawes Galaxy budget gravel thing.

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