Varonha Frameworks winter/ light touring bike

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  • Hmm. That's still fully wired, it's just a replacement for a connector

  • isn't that just a clever way of doing internal routing through the drop-outs?

  • I wonder if it would be possible to use that system on a stainless framed bike and just connect the rear light to the frame, having the current run through the frame tubes, insulated by the paint...

  • Didn't Dammit and Coldharbour do something like that when Di2 first came out?

  • Similar but that had something running through the paint for the "wiring"

  • does anyone know where is this frame is now?

  • Yeah, that's the one.
    Neat idea.

  • does anyone know where is this frame is now?

    You're a vulture for nice road frames haha

  • Wouldn’t a steel fork like Gaz has be no wires? No the front at least. Obvs wire for rear

  • My understanding of it was that there was a wire internally attached the the dropout surface but I may be mistaken

  • It’s my only vice, and booze, snus and good shoes...
    They’re safe with me - I barely ride a bike anymore 👍🏻

    I remember seeing it in the flesh at Bespoke, the only thing I remember of it as I was so hungover I nearly had a panic attack and had to sleep in the park for a few hours...

  • What a brilliant bike, great. Beautiful colours in particular.

  • Picked up the custom rack strut that Winston made. Very neat!

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  • Very neat indeed!

  • That is very tidy.

  • Went out this afternoon and the sun came out for about 30 seconds so I got off and took a photo. Love the colour in the light.

    Thought I'd try out some steeper lanes to see what the gearing can do, and almost got up Brasted Hill without having to get out of the saddle... which is a result in my book! Just that corner near the top that got me.

    The tyres also got a proper testing through some floods and over all the crud that the rain leaves behind. So far so good.

    Feels great to get out and about on it after a busy week.
    : )

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  • The paint really is rather good, especially like the head lug/tube/badge combo.
    Winston stuck one of those struts in with my frame, what a nice chap he is.
    I always get out the saddle on climbs, can't do em sat down for some reason, maybe I should go an easier gear and try it, then again maybe not.
    Looking forward to a southern ride when Boris lets us all come out to play again.

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Varonha Frameworks winter/ light touring bike

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