Varonha Frameworks winter/ light touring bike

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  • Since I decided to keep the Dawes, some new things have been gradually arriving.

    Firstly these:

    Cheap Rotor 3D+ cranks from facebook marketplace... not in the best condition but mechanically fine, and they came in the right length and with the correct axle and spider (and chainrings / bolts) so I'm happy.

    The plan is to sand off the black anodising on the arms and either just polish it or get it re-anodised in silver (depending on how much re-anodising costs). The advantage of getting them re-anodised is that they will remove the black for me.

    I had a little go at sanding it myself and it reminded me that sanding and polishing old parts is a massive pain in the arse.

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  • To with the above:

    TA Syrius 48t outer and TA Zephyr 33t inner.

    Apparently the Syrius is cut on a lathe like the Zephyr (which is what makes them so durable) but only works with Shimano so they had to rename it - the Campag ones are called 'Nerius'.

    Zephyr rings are compatible with any of the major groupsets but only go up to 10 speed for outer rings.

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  • And also this:

    Wheels Manufacturing BSA30 bottom bracket, as recommended by the transcontinental kilometre muncher @hippy : )

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  • Should be pretty durable if installed right. I've got this setup on the Kinesis still. It's now almost a proper a gravel bike with flared bars, GRX shifters and tanwall WTBs instead of the skinny road bars I used for Badlands. I just need to find time to ride it!

  • Sounds fun!
    It will be treated relatively badly on this bike but nothing too ridiculous.

    Is there a trick to installing it right?
    I usually go the shop for BBs and headsets but I'd like to try doing it myself this time.... I bought a tool and everything.

  • Don't know about tricks but having properly faced BB shell is a good starting point. All the usual stuff re: greasing threads and getting torque right and be gentle with the tiny locknut on the Rotor bearing preload thingiebob.

  • Nice one, thanks : )

  • keen to see how this goes - been considering doing something like it myself but couldnt find an anodiser who would take on such a small job...

  • I spoke to Star Anodising in Dartford.... the receptionist didn't seem to think it would be a problem doing such a small job. Waiting to hear back from them about a proper quote so will let you know what they say.

  • ah cool, looking forward to seeing the result then! do you get to specify the RAL (or equivalent) of the silver you're after? I think I'd asked about getting some hub shells done in a bronze brown and they said it was too much hassle...

  • Heard back from Star... sounds like it's a goer as long as there's no steel in there.
    Here's what they said:

    We have done similar parts before. The material on those can be hit and miss. They look to be pretty good but you can’t always tell until they are processed. Can’t have any steel fittings/inserts at all. If any of it is cast it may not look great after anodising but as I said it looks like good material from what I can see.

    To Strip the anodising I would say £20 and To Strip and silver anodise, £35. I presume you will drop these in?

    I haven't asked about different types of finish yet.... assuming there's some sort of choice.

  • ah great! I'm temped to do the same... in fact, if we sent them 2 sets do you think it could be cheaper?

  • One never knows does one!

    I'm planning on cycling down there tomorrow or Thurs morning so could take yours as well if you like? I'm in SE6.

  • Ah no worries then, mine is still on the bike and I’m in Kent... Sorry if I missed it but are you doing chainrings as well?

  • No, going with black TA Syrius / Zephyr chainrings. Keeping the spider black as well so it'll just be the arms that are silver.

    I wanted to do it the other way round - black arms silver rings - but silver 11 speed chainrings don't seem to be much of a thing.

  • Whilst this is up.... I would like some opinions on paint.

    Now this is no longer a beater I can more or less have whatever I want instead of having to keep it low-key. I'm indecisive at the best of times (as you may have noticed) but paint really makes me dither like nothing else.

    I'm keeping the black seatpost, saddle, stem, guards, etc etc... and the silver rims.

    Winston mentioned the other day that Mario has a healthy supply of rainbow sparkles and is not afraid to use them. Which got me thinking about that Fixed/Road Nag someone on here had....

    So here's some shit photoshopping to bash your critical faculties up against:

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  • Rainbow sparkles, are you sure Winston didn't mean Mario was getting off his tits whilst spraying frames?
    Not the pink logo, quite like the yellow.

  • Great project btw.
    I like the option with the black graphics.
    It connects visually the frame and parts the best. For some accentcolors (always good) you could try sidblue or maybe white cablehousing ..

  • Rainbow and black graphics for me. I'm excited to see the anodised rotors!

  • Yellow graphics look good.

  • Cheers everyone... weird, I was digging the burgundy one and the pink one.
    It will probably come down to a split second regrettable decision on the day... we shall see.

  • In other news... It turns out that my LBS doesn't have the right tool to separate the Rotor cranks arms from the spider. They thought they did but no dice...

    So, does anyone know of a shop that does?
    Or even better, does anyone have a tool of their own?
    I'd buy one myself but they ain't cheap and I really don't think I'll use it that much:

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  • Bespoke did... if that helps...

    Cycle Surgery sold Rotor cranks so might have one? Edit: seems they've shut down...

    Edit again - SE6: I reckon Seabass Cycles in Peckham is your best bet

  • Grab the unicorn by the horn, go for rainbow sparkles/black logo (just to keep it subtle).

  • P&L might have it, one of them has a Rotor Powermeter I think ..

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Varonha Frameworks winter/ light touring bike

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