Varonha Frameworks winter / commuter / beater / touring bike

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  • Cheers @velosaurus, good intel!

  • Thats exactly what I used

  • Cool, thanks again : )

  • Can anyone tell me if these old Ritchey seatposts are the same as Nitto S65?
    More specifically if I can use the clamp from a Nitto with the shaft from one of these.

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  • they are not, they are just cheap POC

  • It looks more like a Kalloy Uno than a Nitto to me

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  • Ah yes, I agree it's more like a Kaloy.
    Cheers both : )

  • It started life in the 80s as a Dawes Galaxy

    I don't know if I was subconsciously influenced by reading your thread but I've just "accidentally" bought a Dawes Galaxy on eBay...

  • Hey! Sorry just saw this.
    Exciting times, what's the story - Is it rideable as it is or is it more of a project?

    I'm glad you got my subliminal Galaxy Vibes, I wasn't sure they were getting through.

  • Not much of a story, just spending too much time browsing eBay (compensating the lack bike riding I suppose; working from home, young baby etc.). Sometimes temptation's hard to resist... My size, local-ish collection, cheap, mostly good condition... It was on my watch list and seller made me a good offer. Had to get rid of another bike (the one in - one out law).
    Plan's only to clean it up, fresh grease and bar tape, so just a modest project...

  • Looking forward to seeing it...

    Galaxies are pretty ultimate, I'm considering keeping my frame in the shed to use as a kid carrier / beast bike as and when. I'm sure it's almost impossible to break them!

  • Whilst this is up, I may as well update...

    Not much has happened as it's all been about waiting on bike fit numbers.

    I did a new fitting as I broke my leg in Jan 2019 and have had a few niggles since then. Mainly knee and shoulder pain.

    The fitter (and his Retul kit) put me in a completely different position which, although undoubtedly would allow many miles of injury-free riding, was extremely upright and just felt a bit weird... which wasn't what I had in mind for the fast road bike of my dreams... so I got a second opinion from Scherrit at Bike Whisperer (who has fitted me a couple of times in the past, and who is literally a wizard or something).

    It turned out that most of the problems that the Retul fitter had assumed were connected to my bad leg (weird knee tracking, etc) were actually things that I was doing before the accident anyway (Scherrit keeps notes of these things) and, as they hadn't caused problems historically, they didn't really need to be addressed with such major changes.

    So Scherrit made a few small tweeks to my current position and told me to ride around for a week or two and see if they helped, and try a shorter stem if they didn't.

    So that's what I've been doing, and it seems to have worked out okay so far. The legs feel fine and the shoulder thing seems to be more connected to 'workplace ergonomics' (bad drawing desk)... so I think I'm almost good to go. A few more rides just to make sure.

    In other news, my wheel-building friend had a Covid scare and had to isolate for a couple of weeks. He's fine now (thank fuck) and I should be able to meet him at some point this week.

    Need to speak with Winston and ask if he's still keen to push this through quickly after such a long delay. Something tells me I might be at the back of a long queue again!

  • Looking forward to seeing it...

    There it is. Cockpit was knackered, bent bars, heavily scratched levers so it was a good opportunity to use a Nitto cockpit I had. Brakes were seized anyway. Fresh grease to headset (I should do the hubs too really...). Fitted an old Brooks of mine instead of the mega padded one that came with the bike, and a front rack that I also had (kind of compromised by the gear cables but it was too tempting to use it). Can't wait to ride it to work next week. Triple crankset will be a nice thing climbing Crystal Palace (knackered atm)
    Sorry for derailing your thread!

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  • Looking good so far! Excellent little run-around.
    My Galaxy is so long and low it looks like it's been squashed in a circus mirror in comparison to that.

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Varonha Frameworks winter / commuter / beater / touring bike

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