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    Finally decided I should buy an MTB and managed to pick up a San Quentin 3 frameset a little while back. had some cheap Manitou Mattoc's and picked up some of their wheels - deore centrelock hubs and ryde 30mm internal rims.

    other bits mostly acquired cheap and secondhand - mt500 brakes, xt 11 speed drivetrain borrowed of my other half's commuter as we are off to the Brecons and I wanted to have it built before we go this weekend.

    Dropper post is a brand-x ascend 150mm drop - first time using a dropper, my two boys think its hilarious... after a low stack saddle as it's a tiny bit high at max insertion and its currently running a stripped fake ISM, which is a little incongruous.

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  • What size did you go for? I have a feeling that these size up fairly small, was that your experience?

  • XL - im 185cm

    Reach is fine, but seat tube could be a little shorter tbh.

  • Tyres are Vittoria (GEAX) Goma - which appear to be minion copies I think.
    Purchased as they were very cheap from Planet-X...
    No suggestion as to whether they are tubeless compatible - the bead is not square like it is on my tubeless corsas.

    Thoughts on the safety/advisability of running them tubeless

  • It's MTB, have a go.

  • Yeah, that was my thinking tbh, pressures involved are pretty low and the sidewalls look thick and not porous. Just need some more tape, as the tyres went on the rims very easily....

  • I'm running tubeless on a pair of Gomas on my Orange. They seem fine, never even considered they might not be tubeless compatible...

  • Good to know, cheers

  • Converted them to tubeless this morning. Took 3 loops of 32mm tesa tape (on top of the existing tape) before they would seal, as the tyres were rather loose on the rims. Went up OK though with just a track pump and seem to be holding air ok.

  • Pulled the mattocs apart to up the travel to 140.
    Pretty straightforward, although bouncing them up and down on the carpet does seem to have them make a bit more of a squelching/sloshing type noise than before.

    I did think i might have a bushing issue with them as there was very slight play when rocking the bike back and forth, but that seemed to vanish the other day... temperature related perhaps?

  • First tubeless fail today. Running low (very low) pressures in the tyres and landed a drop off a bit hard, which burped the tyre and wouldn't seal with my mini pump, so had to stick a tube in to get me going again....

    Tempted to get a rim insert for the rear - rimpact maybe?

  • Rimpact arrived and fitted without too much fuss.
    However the sidewall in my mega cheap tyres has a cut from the impact and now won't seal even after booting it, probably as its right on the bead.

    So recommendations for cheapish rear tyre with decent grip for wet rock and loose is stone that doesn't have sidewalls made of cheese and isn't the weight of a small planet? Plus moon on a stick.

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Jonny Cash aka Marin San Quentin

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