CAAD 4 Fadez

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  • Managed to get this beaut off of the bay. Have wanted an old school Caad to fill my desires for a while.

    I know some of them had 1/1 8 fork but this is a 1 inch. Frame is in great condition - no dings or anything. I couldn’t find the original frame in the old catalogs so am thinking it’s probably a respray jobby?

    Initial build will be using components from previous bike, but treated myself to a new crankset to start.

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  • love those fade caads

  • Yeah, like an early Caaaaaaad

  • I couldn’t find the original frame in the old catalogs so am thinking it’s probably a respray jobby.

    Nah, it's called Afterburner Fade by Cannondale. Nice catch!

  • Great paintjob. I think someone on here had one in the same colours with a nice modern campag build but unfortunately it was crashed iirc.

  • Dayyum gorgeous. I missed out on one of those. But have my odd 650c to fart about with.

  • Oooohhhh the fade of it all. #dragracejoke

  • Fade to black (coz black forks innit)

  • Seconded, lovely paint job

    However, Closest I get is the 2000 catalogue - black decals though

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  • Finally got this built up. Might have to actually go out for a ride

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  • Looks sweet !

  • That looks amazing! I also love the guys blue kit in the catologue.
    I’d like to see this with some old Mavic carbones with the big yellow stickers

  • That bike needs medical attention, cause those fades are sick!
    Sorry, long day. Really appreciate the build, love the black sram on this joyful frame.

  • twas me, but weirdly this says caad 4 and mines deffo a caad 2 so somethings going on here­40/?offset=10675#comment14553142

  • This looks decent!

    Gumwalls need a clean though ;)

  • Haha or just some new ones!

  • flash bathroom cleaner (with mild bleach) works well on them, I find

    lovely bike

  • Sweet ride. New bits look great on the frame. Aside from the red spokes that is.

  • yeah, the wheels were second hand and the guy had put red electrical tape on there... just haven't got round to trying to remove it

  • Lovely. Always wanted a Cannondale from this period.

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CAAD 4 Fadez

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