FS: Shimano Dura Ace 7410 Bits

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  • Postage to UK is about 10€ to 15€. Priority, insured.

    1] DA 7410 HS = 50€

    2] DA 7410BB (68x104mm)
    British / ISO Threads 1.37x24T = 50€

    3] DA STI Shifters 2x8 Brake Levers = 50

    4] DA 7400 Aero Seatpost 27.2mm = 65€

    5] DA 7410 Stem 130mm 22.2mm = 65€

    6] DA 7410 Front Derailleur
    Braze-On (Clamp Included) = 30€

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  • Yes please on brifters pending closer pics . Cheers Jerome

  • Undies on the levers.

  • Bump

  • I think you are a bit out with your pricing. Headset at 80euro ?? Seatpost or stem at 105?? Unless these are NOS, I doubt you'll have any takers here.

    Just an example - NOS can be had for same here

  • I bought that same headset for £35 a few months ago on here

  • Have to agree. Have been on the lookout for this seatpost. Two sold on eBay recently at <€50 in quite good condition. You will see several with asking prices significantly higher but they don’t sell.

    PM me if you are willing to drop. I’m willing to pay similar to sold prices on here from past sales.

  • £80 headset? 💸

    Edit: judging from the right lever, I think I know why you're not selling the rd

  • Has a road rush perhaps?

  • I've already sold rear derailleur and brakes. I got a ton of stuff. I will move it to eBay.

    Nobody is forcing you to buy it. If you checked in "Sold item" you will see that NOS DA 7410 HS goes for $160 and used for $80 to $100.

    Again, if you don't like the price just scroll past my ad - simple as that. 😁

  • Well if you're asking ebay prices and don't want people to comment on them, do the obvious.

  • Good for you.
    Again... This isn't ebay.

    S0 0121 do-one.

  • Sure, no offence taken, but at least check some figures here on the forum to get a zest of what to ask for.

    Fleabay is another kettle of fish altogether. Don't have much of freecycling stuff there either.

  • There are new 7410 headsets on Alex's Cycles from Japan for $90. I bought one there.

  • I have been lurking for years here guys and you all seem like a cool bunch. Can you please recommend pricing?

    *BUMP = all items 10€ less

  • Stem, HS and seatpost take at least 30 off. Front mech probably 5 off and brifters are anyones guess - if that damage was on a left one price would be fine, but on the right, I don't know.

    Have bikes with DA 74xx on and also purchased full group for far less than you are asking here - 1000 euro!! (incl hubs and crankset). To build a bike with them would be an expensive job to say the least

  • I was going to suggest a price for the seatpost but there seems to be a gouge in it that is deep enough that it won’t sand out. Can you post a better closeup photo

  • Good observation, just notice that - that has pushed price right down...Paid 60EURO for NOS few weeks ago

  • Here is a link with 50% I have intention of selling.


  • Nice, but add prices - rules of the forum.

  • New prices:

    1] DA 7410 HS = 55€
    2] DA 7410 BB = 55€
    3] STI Levers = 60€ (both levers are in great working condition
    4] DA Stem = 70€
    5] DA Seatpost = 70€

  • I’ll give you 50eur for shifters if working ok as you claim?

  • @Foreigner65

    Thanks for the offer but I can get that money here in Croatia. So STI levers are no longer for sale.

    New prices:
    1] DA 7410 BB = 50€

     68mm x 113mm

    2] DA 7410 HS = 50€

    If someone is willing to buy all of my Dura Ace parts I will throw in front derailleur for free.

  • Ah OK, what about with postage to Slovenija? :)

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FS: Shimano Dura Ace 7410 Bits

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