Garage upgrade

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  • Lovely stuff. Lidl have got a double wheel grinder at the moment for £20, as well as loads of other workshop type bits - heat gun, clamps, hooks etc.

  • brazing kit...

    For pipes or bike frames?
    The garage looks great BTW.

  • This has turned out great. Good work!

  • Do you ever just sit in it for ages?

    Recently gutted, painted and overhauled the electrics in the garage and i'm often just sat in there with the radio on, bikes to look at, chilled.

  • Thanks - I'll take a look at the Lidl stuff.

  • For pipes or bike frames?

    Bikes. I'm being made redundant in a few weeks time so I want something to do while I fritter away my payout.

  • Oh, yes. Got bluetooth amp and some speakers down there now and a comfy stool to perch on. Once the door's shut it's all mine.

  • looks great, good job. Personally I would have painted the walls white but it's your gaff so go with it.

    The angles on the roof versus the doors and the surrounding land make my head go funny though :-)

  • @hiraethus Very nice - great job, and some good inspiration, as I'm looking to sort out my garage early in 2021.

    The brazing project sounds interesting too....

    I was looking at this as I need to do something very similar to a single coursework brick garage, and had a question... Should there not be a semi-permeable layer between the rear of the foil backed insulation and the brick/block work?

  • Thanks!

    Should there not be a semi-permeable layer between the rear of the foil backed insulation and the brick/block work?

    Dunno... Maybe? I've got a 40mm air gap, which might not be enough.

  • New bench:

    New toy to go on the bench:

  • Woof, now that butters my parsnips.

  • At first I was like "Oooh", and then I was like "OOOOOHHHHH!"

  • This might or might not be useful reading. Found this a while back as I'm intending to insulate my single brick garage to help keep it warmer and protect contents. This is regarding conversions into a habitual space so insulation stated will be pretty thick, although its 2009 so no doubt regs have changed since, but same principles apply:­anningandBuildingControl/BuildingControl­/RelatedDocuments/Guidancenotesforgarage­conversions.pdf

  • I think it depends if the space is going to be heated/lived-in or not. In my case I decided to add a small amount of insulation (50mm PIR boards in the ceiling, 40mm foil blanket in the walls) with an air gap outside the insulation (100mm in the ceiling, 40mm in the walls). Then seal the gaps as best I can inside with foil tape. Seems ok so far.

  • @jambon @stevo_com ta! It’s only little but good fun. My quick change tool post and a boring bar arrive later today so I hope to get the tools set up and make some stuff over the weekend.

  • Indeed. Even a small amount of insulation and air gap helps to prevent cold bridging. I think the key thing is to have continuous vapour barrier which sounds like you done, so job done. You can't always have the amount of insulation you'd like due to space restrictions.

  • Just revisiting this thread and wanted to ask about the battening. What are the black strips behind each one?

  • They’re strips of LDPE damp-proof course stapled to the backs of the battens, to stop moisture getting into the wood (though I used pressure treated timber too).

  • Sounds like you've gone belt and braces, I approve. Much appreciated for the info.

  • No worries. I think I forgot to put the DPC on some of the battens, so I’m glad I did use pressure treated timber.

  • Have been slowly sorting the lathe out and getting some practice in over the past few months. Dirty side of the garage now looks like this

    Grinder and belt sander, pillar drill and lathe with new tool storage for cutting tools and accessories.

    Fitted a DRO, task lighting and some storage for toolholders, lubricants and other useful stuff

    Got a 3D printer and a bunch of hand tools to play with

    Want a mill but can't afford one (yet) so I got a milling slide and machine vice for the lathe. This, along with a collet chuck and some milling cutters will let me get on with some of the more complicated bits for the frame jig build. Made the adaptor plate (the blue thing) from a piece of O1 tool steel.

    Also made a start on some tube blocks. Totally not worth the time taken to make them, but satisfying to be able to do it all myself.

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Garage upgrade

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