My family’s Surlys

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  • Might as well put my family’s collection of Surlys all in one place.

  • Here’s Liam’s Surly. Like me he crashes a lot. Since these pictures were taken we’ve gone 1X.

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  • Here is Liam last Summerween.

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  • Here is Winnie‘s Troll. She’s really proud of her water bottle cage.

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  • And I decided to join in the fun.

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  • Awesome

  • Winnie‘s Troll.

    So sick

  • I though these blues would look horrid together, not minding them at all!

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  • Hot damn, this looks absolutely sick already. Can't wait to see it finished!

  • Cool family

  • So sick

    Winnie says “cool...”

  • So traded the Krampus for the Spooky & Geekhouse you can see in my “ Make it in Massachusetts” thread.

    Since then I’ve been building this one up, specially to get rid of parts and sell. Only parts purchased so far are the brakes, cables, and chain.

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  • Track packing mode:

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  • I like the centre pull brake. Is this a quality retro item or a modern equivalent?

  • like the centre pull brake. Is this a quality retro item or a modern equivalent?

    They’re current production from Dia-Compe, Gran Compe is their higher end stuff.

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My family’s Surlys

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