Tokyo Olympics 2021

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  • den-GB heat still unresolved - commissaires still looking at it

  • Well will be clear as mud then

  • Annoying bc I like how good that Danish team are and how far they’ve come

  • Only way to settle it is with a greco-roman wrestling match.

  • I liked the restraint the Dane showed in not smashing one of the last 7 Spaceballs helmets in existence.

    Looked like he was tempted though eh?!

  • Wow! Crazy. What a mess.

  • That’s some scary stuff with the Aussie team handlebars snapping that at speed…

    Has anyone yet made the joke that the "front fell off"?

  • According to the UCI on Twitter it'll be Italy vs. Denmark in the final

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  • Wonder what the text exchange between Bigham and Tanfield will look like…

  • 3.2.086 In the last two heats of the first competition round, if one team catches the other, the
    catching team is declared the winner and shall stop as soon as possible in order to
    allow the other team to finish the distance and thus to record a time. In this case, if
    one or both teams catch their opponents, the times from the qualifying round shall be
    used to determine which of the two teams shall finish in the home straight.

    So Danes should have just flown by higher on the track?

  • Whipskidded to a stop as soon as they were within a metre

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  • Brutal from Germany.

  • Hope the Germans don't run into the back of of the Brits

  • jeez, that was outrageous from Germany!

  • Eurosport repeating the UCI twitter account re: Denmark in the final

  • Didn't have sound on, but was there a pistol shot to indicate GB had been caught?

  • Lame from Not Russia, false starting themselves out of the 5th/6th ride.

  • According to the UCI on Twitter it'll be Ganna vs. Denmark in the final


  • result still pending according to CB on BBC

  • Boardman still reporting that there is no decision. Can’t see Denmark being dq’ed
    While typing this the Aussies have really ballsed up the bronze medal match. Wowza.

  • And Jason Kenny has just done the same.

  • 🦁🇳🇱

  • Enjoyed his interview - "I was rubbish".

    Seems they rolled the dice and put a bigger gear on, knowing they had work to do, and it just didn't pay off. Fair enough really.

  • "I was rubbish"

    me after every club run

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Tokyo Olympics 2021

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