Tokyo Olympics 2021

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  • What happens now?

  • get den DQ'd imo. dangerous play and unnecessary shouting

  • The Brits got their man back on track and had three man crossing the line first, so I assume they'll go through

  • Sad for Denmark - they were going well and Tanfield was having a shocker.

    But yeah, head down riding is dangerous.

  • Hmm. Apparently the rules say that as soon as you're within 1 metre of your opponent, the race is over. So the Danes might have won.

  • Not if your opponent is going for a fastest loser spot (which they weren't going to get) and you wipe them out though, presumably.

  • Complete disrespect shown to both are Charlie and towels. This must not stand.

  • What happened?

  • That Danish lad needs to have a word with himself

  • Acted like a right melon

  • Ah, yes. Thought it was just a simple elimination race.

  • Lead rider for danish pursuit team cycled into the back of team GB rider bc he was looking at the floor

  • SPORT ARE HARRY. dq the shinpad sticker cowards imo

  • Danes lapped Brits but were riding head down so just plowed into the back of the last Brits wheel.

  • He needs to have his track accreditation suspended.

  • Karston Warholms run in the 400m hurdles was an absolute monster

  • Re Freddy "The Melon Massen"

    I can see where he's coming from though - he must have thought Tanfield was fourth man and was just in the way.

    The speed difference was huge and Tanfield could also have appreciated that and swung up - he wasn't going to catch the other two any time soon.

  • Rules is rules

  • I get that most sportsfolk are pretty alpha, but that Dane was a bit of a cunt.
    Even when he was back in the team cupboard he was throwing shit about and shouting.
    DQ him from the final!

  • I wish the BBC coverage had a little 'live' ident in the corner

  • Maybe he's just cross with himself xx

  • Look at what happened with Amos and Jewett in the 800m the other day - the favourite is taken out. Gets up and shakes hands with Jewett. You can be an elite athlete and not be a cunt

  • Tanfield professional foul, and Clancy unretires, drafted back in and wins with a world record?

  • I liked the restraint the Dane showed in not smashing one of the last 7 Spaceballs helmets in existence.

  • The men’s TP final isn’t until tomorrow so we’ve plenty of time for appeals and counter appeals.

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Tokyo Olympics 2021

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