Tokyo Olympics 2021

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  • Great clips!

  • Feeling a bit tearful about Kye Whyte this morning. I used to go and watch my nephews ride at Peckham and Kye was always there putting in a shift. He must have been about 13 then. Such a nice kid. What a journey!

  • Adios Djokovic, you anti-vaxxing, one-man COVID epidemic cunt.

  • Yeah but what do you really think of him?

  • Stupid non-BMXer question, but do they have to run some standard gearing or something? Do they all have standardised bikes like Keirin/NJS or something? I just can't figure out how a cadence that high can be efficient, but I am sure I am missing something...

  • Acceleration off the line I think, less so about efficiency.

  • surely more about popping the front and getting in crank rotations right up until you air and having feet in the right position leaving a jump?

  • Whyte and Shriever performances the highlight of the games so far for me, proper totes emosh.

    Kye trying to pick Beth up off the floor both looking like a couple of piss heads outside a Spoons a close second.

  • you can take the riders out of GB, but you can't take GB out of the riders

  • Thankfully no floor pizza though...

  • In the ned and miller podcast just out david talks about the ioc overloads and the money they sit on plus their own personal requirements !

    Never strays far thursday this week podcast.

  • Is mixed relay triathlon really a thing outside of the olympics? Cause I've never heard of it and it seems bs to me to make a relay out of the most soloists of sports.

  • It seems to be only at major championships…
    It can only be a good thing to encourage national governing bodies to encourage equal participation if another gong is up for grabs.

  • It's pretty entertaining so far

  • Most satisfactory…

  • Nice to see them Triathlonists get another gold for GB & for it to mean Jonny gets one at last.

    Compared to Kye & Beth they scored 1/10 for wild celebrations though.

  • Please if only for my entertainment can you elaborate on its solo-ness

  • It’s not all glory. Connor Fields in hospital with a bleed on the brain after crashing out of the BMX semi-final yesterday.
    Link to article

  • Fijian rugby = britbane.

  • Dunno I’ve done relay triathlon (although each leg is a different discipline unlike this Olympic version).
    Mixed sprint relay seems pretty cool. More fun if there’s a way to track live times.

  • Is mixed relay triathlon really a thing outside of the olympics?

    The club relays are an annual event in Nottingham, includes mixed teams. Format sightly different as it goes S x4 B x4 Rx4 iirc.

  • I've done Nottingham a few times in mixed teams, it's quite fun. Not sure anyone takes it that seriously though.

  • So it is a thing. Nevermind, carry on.

  • Daniel Stahl winning the disc throw was great. Seems like a fun guy to have a beer with.

  • Seems like a fun guy to have a beer with.

    Too loud

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Tokyo Olympics 2021

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