Tokyo Olympics 2021

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  • Let's just say that netball is exclusively played in Commonwealth countries only. Coming from the country where basketball is huge, I never understood the rules of netball - no contact, no jumping, basically basketball with players tied down. Still, I did invest quite a bit of money in England netball....

  • There are more than 70 nations with rich people who like to find interesting ways of torturing animals and have disproportionate influence in all aspects of life.

  • Fiji; repeat 7s champions.

  • The main reason for the new sports' inclusion (skate, surf, climbing and 3x3 basketball) is to boost youth engagement. They also removed the cap on the number of events which allowed them to easily add those sports without pissing off the horseys and wrastlers.

    I'm interested to see what happens to those new sports for following olympiads, surfing taking place in Tahiti for 'Paris' 2024, climbing hopefully getting a few more medals so they're not confined to one combined event etc.

  • Dressage at the Olympics used to be even more exclusive than it is now. For the first 50 years that it was included you had to be a serving male military officer to even enter! I don't think they changed that until the 50s!

  • Nor me. Only way it happens is if a French version of dumoulin appears, and he is on a team stacked with tt hitters.

  • I've watched a bit of the 3x3 basketball and found it far less exciting than I was expecting.

    I'd like the men's football to be replaced by 5-a-side.

  • But on a full-size pitch like Rugby 7s, right? :D

  • Nah, you need walls to body slam people into.

  • swimming you example you only need a trunks/costume and a pool

    This is the theory, then you start doing proper swimming training!

    It's not expensive so the point stands about barriers to entry but float/pull buoy/goggles/fins/hand paddles etc. is a right load of crap to carry around :)

  • Laura Trott is about to be overtaken as the most successful British female Olympian by a horse.

  • Can a horse be trained to do the moonwalk? No, don't post the advert please

  • Does the horse get a rosette and an apple?

  • Will Claire Balding interview the horse's family?

  • I think Roglic averaged 48.2 kph on both laps. Just that everyone else fell away. I can't find any splits data though.

  • Or any of the dogs/Tesco customers who ate them?

  • The horse is actually competing at his first Olympics. I hope he gets to do some sightseeing before he has to come homes.

  • If the Rio commentary is anything to go by the horse will be commentating on the track cycling in 2024.

  • He’s very young so will need a chaperone like the skateboarders.

  • The Laura Trott who wrote in her book she can’t cook an egg?

  • Is sex forbidden for the horses too? Or can they bang all they want?

  • Disappointed that team fencing isn't a melee or a 3v3 scrim.

  • On horseback.

  • If my experience of horses is anything to go by, the ultimate treat is a polo mint. Horses would do anything for a polo.

    Edit: No, this is actually a thing and not a very clumsy attempt at a horse/polo joke

  • On a hobby horse.

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Tokyo Olympics 2021

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