Tokyo Olympics 2021

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  • Looking forward to Pidcock adding the 5000m gold once the athletics gets under way.

  • pim fortuyn, cees nooteboom, mark rutter, the boy who put his finger in a dyke, theo snelders, piet mondrian, hieronymous bosch, robin van persie, paul verhoeven, eddie van halen... can you hear me van halen. your boy took one hell of a beating

  • MVDP confirms he thought the ramp was still there­/1419573776082030595

  • in awe at the size of this adam peaty lad. absolute unit

  • That seems like an incredible oversight. Don't the riders get a briefing on that sort of thing?

  • Netherlands cycling having a mare

    At hospital getting x-rayed too

  • To be fair cycling gets riding along the road fast with other people and riding along the road fast by yourself.

  • Had the kill cord on so all OK.

  • So what colour is the boathouse at Kingston grammar school?

  • Summary of AVV blog post in picture form

  • Wood clad I think?

  • david valero serano had an incredible ride for 3rd place, didn't see him once during the race so he must have stomped that last lap

  • Lauren Williams TKD at 1:30, more head kicking awaits!

    This years finals have been more entertaining than Rio, there have been some rule changes to make it more dynamic.

    Some fights can be really boring and kicks sometimes look weak, but that’s due to optimisation for the rules of the sport.
    With the absence of the body armour (hogu) any of the athletes could easily break your ribs.

  • glory days. Tom Meeusen in the background too. wonderful

  • Aussies and Saffas are all the BBC can afford after Brexit. EU workforce aren't interested. :P

    Maybe I should apply for a job...

    "Awww fuck, the main cunt's just binned it hard! Hahaha fuck me, did he not pre-ride the course or something?!"

    "Pidcock's gonna win this, everyone loves a cock in their name"

    "Ahh shit luck for that Cink bloke, poor fucker's got a massive walk back to the pits, that'll learn him for using Conti tyres"

    I can't see me being on the air long.

  • Sounds "interesting". Not like the swim ever decided a tri though.

    Swimming >>>

  • Am I looking at the schedule properly, all bmx events are at like 02:00 onwards.

    I'm impressed with the geared BMX. Think I want one.

  • I'm impressed with the geared BMX. Think I want one

    Raleigh Grifter... ;)

  • There's already team and solo swimming events.

    If you want to compare we'd need a road race and then a road race done only on Bromptons or something definitely shitter at achieving the same thing.

  • Think I want one.

    It seems like a good idea for this race given how they've changed the course to make mens/womens closer to each other but it'll still be interesting to see if he can put the gears to work and smash everyone. How does he stack up against other competitors in normal racing?

  • Pidcock on MVDP: “He went in super slow and I backed off because I knew that wasn’t going to end well,”

  • it's not the bbc its the olymic breadcasters ie. discovery

    i was watching on gcn

  • I'll take the commentary money wherever I can get it ;)

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Tokyo Olympics 2021

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