Tokyo Olympics 2021

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  • Boxing funding seems quite high on that table? Especially seeing as there is very little equipment cost compared to horses / bikes / boats.
    It would be interesting to see the breakdown 'per athlete', as I think then Judo and Modern pentathlon might be quite high.
    Also, Paris funding only needs to cover 3 years, and GB have already bought all those fancy bikes, I doubt they'll be trashed before Paris.

  • Paris funding only needs to cover 3 years, and GB have already bought all those fancy bikes, I doubt they'll be trashed before Paris.

    Let's hope the UCI regulations don't change to ban them.

  • Mostly National Lottery funding. One of the reasons I buy lottery tickets is because I enjoy the track cycling, it dose bring a little happyness to my life.

  • horses

    Aren't they owned by monied patrons, and the whole sport is supported by a patronage system?

  • I'd be intersted in seeing what the funding is like for other countries - Australia for example, which is way more successful on a per capita basis.

  • It’s total budget for the sport is it, not just the elite program? Triathlon seems good value as I guess they mostly piggyback on swimming and athletics venues

  • Considering there are 900+ registered clubs, 52 medals on offer and there’s a very decent infrastructure in place I don’t think it’s a sport you’d want to reduce funding for? That’s before you start talking about the social impact the sport can have.

  • Literally every sport can have a positive social impact, and I wouldn't personally put one which involves punching other people high on that list, but hey, I'm not a boxer. I'm guessing you are?
    If there's such good infrastructure then why do they need more funding? Surely that means the previous funding has been well invested to a point where the sport can be somewhat self sufficient?
    Honestly I have no idea how the money for each sport is spent, but just having a quick look at the list from a neutral perspective, I wouldn't have jumped to the conclusion that boxing is woefully underfunded.

  • On a per capita basis I’d say the Netherlands are more successful. >2 medals per million inhabitants.
    Their budget is around €120m a year or €7 per capita.

  • Number of clubs, participants, medals on offer. Boxing is not just getting punched in the head. It should be an accessible sport but once you start doing competitions it gets expensive quickly. Purely from that perspective you could draw that conclusion. If high medal count is the game then Fencing is another one I’d fund better, invest in the ones where you can gain the most and the medals will eventually follow.

  • Number of medals is the only real obvious goal but it feels unfair when swimming has 16000 of them for slightly different events the same person can enter and other sports like hockey has just 1 or 2 but need a whole team of people

  • I am all for things like Boxing, BMX, Skating getting more funding, around me, these sports seem to manage to have thriving clubs in rough neighbourhoods and are having a really positive impact on some of the kids lives, I guess filling a role you would expect the council to and coaches having to pay the role of mentor/councilor/ role model as well as sports coach. The clubs wouldn't be sustainable if they had to rely on expensive subs to be a member like other sports can get away although that still can present a barrier to entry for many.

  • Don’t look at Kipchoge’s podium tracksuit

    Ha ha...managed to bag one of the last ones from the Nike web site last night :D

  • Fact- USA's 2021 medal total of 113 is exactly level with the USSR.

  • I don't agree that funding should be distributed on a 'how can we farm the most medals' basis. I think investment in sports that bring the highest well-being and are somewhat sustainable and let the old-fashioned war or class based ones fade.
    Obviously any that promote a club atmosphere with a good support network in places that need it most are well worth investing in.

  • I'm probably going to be shot down for this opinion, but we spent £3.5bn in 2019-20 to keep people in prison. It works out at £42,670 per person.

    Team GB had £342m of government funding. I'd rather money go into sports to keep people motivated, encourage activities and ultimately provide opportunities, whether that be just to participate or to go for a medal. Both are valid.

  • San Marino copped 3 medals (only had 5 competitors in the games)
    Population of the whole country is about 35,000

    Incidentally Argentina also scored the same medals (with a population 1000x larger)

  • Not sure those can be measured or justified easily in a government report however.

    ‘No medals, but everyone seems relatively happy’

  • Also boxing, martial arts etc tends to have a positive effect on children in communities. You’re teaching kids how to fight better, but not so much with each other.

    Instilling principles of respect, self control, progression, self belief and confidence in areas where they are hard to develop at home and at school is a good thing.

  • Channel 4 on in the background for the morning to watch some Paralympics, good number of medals for the morning. Then on comes the Horse Riding, can't get away from it.

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Tokyo Olympics 2021

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