Tokyo Olympics 2021

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  • It's how he rides IP with crazy negative splits but still. wow.

  • For many years now skateboarding has been pretty well split between competition and "street", not street the genre of competition but jumping stair cases and making films for sponsors and the like. Saying the "worlds best" skaters isn't clear cut because making a living being a sponsored pro isn't the same skill set that the competition guys like Huston have.

  • It's similar with climbing. There are lots of people asking 'Why isn't Alex Honnold competing?'. With any 'lifestyle' sport there will be those who train for competition and those who seek sponsorship dollar for movies / influencing / out of competition feats.

  • I've heard a lot of moaning about the climbing because of the 3 events combined and people mostly specialising in just one of them. I quite like it though and like the idea of the an all-round prize.

  • I wonder if speed is a bit boring for the non-specialists though. No beta, and you'll struggle to beat the speed climbers.

  • The speed climbing was pretty boring to watch I thought.

  • Lots of climbers were disappointed when the format was announced, but I think most have now come round to the idea and actually enjoyed the speed training. I would imagine it would actually be harder for speed specialists who are just crazy explosive and have very little chance to re-train for lead.

  • The state of this place. We’ve just seen one of the greatest team pursuit races in history and you lot are talking about climbing and skateboarding.

    What Ganna did there was absolutely sensational.

  • Instagram > Riding bikes

  • How wide are Hoogerland's bars?

  • Hoogland's? Around 32cm by the looks of it. Rubbish for gravel.

  • Incredible wasn't it. Really chuffed they took it from the Danes in the last lap like that. Amazing ride.

  • Why did the got rid of the IP seems bonkers!

  • How do we get ourselves a Ganna?
    Find a rower with narrow shoulders?

  • See also: Omnium and all the discussion that had.

  • Yeah, but he's not British so no one on here gives a fuck.

    Brexit means Brexshit

  • Is this true? BMX freestyle was obviously only introduced this year, but BMX race attracted the best riders from the start didn't it?

  • Ethan Hayter in the next few years. Doesn't have the shoulders but does have the engine to also do the last three laps at WR pace as everyone else barely hangs on.

  • Ganna is a one off.

  • The standard of the Men's skating at this Olympics was pretty low this year too.

    I thought it was pretty high given that in most street videos they're edited so you only see the successful tricks. The format of street at the Olympics where riders attempt a 'best trick' meant that nearly half the attempts were failures, which isn't that fun to watch. I much prefer the park format where at you at least see some tricks even on the failed runs.

    Street skating sucks anyway, bring back slalom, downhill and vert. :D

  • Did you watch the speed they were going on last two laps? Ganna was hitting 68kmh and more for two laps. What bloody gear does he ride for that?!

  • I could easily be misinterpreting the progress that the whole sport has made since 2008 tbh...

  • Annoyed that they didn't show the men's bouldering (qualifiers). Lack of coverage in general is rubbish.

    Why don't you fuck off Discovery/Eurosport?

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Tokyo Olympics 2021

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