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  • Hey - looking for the following ahead of a debut touring expedition

    • Super C Rear Panniers OR equiv
    • Rear rack
    • one man tent
    • compact sleeping bag
    • Roll mat
    • saddlebag (Carradice be nice)
    • bar bag (Carradice be nice)
    • broad advice and tips on how not to fail

    Lemme know what you've got



  • Pretty sure I’ve a nice Carradice in the loft. What you looking for sleeping bag wise? I’ve a selection of down bags that have become surplus.
    Considered a hammock? I’ve loads of them!

  • Hi Fred,
    It’s a Carradice Camper Longflap if you are interested?


  • I have a nice tubus rear rack and a 1 man Gelert solo tent to sell. The tent is great for those looking to get started with something not too pricey that still packs up small and weighs very little. Pm me if you’re interested. Also while I hardly consider myself an expert I have toured 10,000 plus km over quite a few countries so feel free to fire away with any questions you might have!

  • Roll mat

    I've got a Vango Aero Compact sleeping mat up for sale. PM me if you're interested.

  • I'm also after a tent + roll matt (going on the same trip) if people have any more going...

  • jday is not to be trusted

  • I have a rear rack for sale

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  • I've PM'd @woah with all the bits i've got available so he's on first dibs but i've got -

    Camper Longflap - Lots of interest in this with a queue formed behind @woah
    Ortlieb bikepacking Seat Pack thingy
    Ortlieb bikepacking bar bag
    Thermarest Neoair Long mat
    Klymit Static-V lite mat
    Sierra designs backcountry 35 - technically a quilt but great for camping. Got a foot box but no zip. Funny little face hole and hand mits for keeping wrapped up. - 700g I think
    Mountain Equipment Helium Solo - very very light summer bag. Bought as seconds with faulty zip and repaired it. Can show pics of the excellent job I did - 415g i think. I used this with a cotton liner which i'll throw in.
    Mountain equipment Helium 250 - three season bag great condition. Probably warmer than the quilt. - 710g i think

    All bags are down. All been stored in a sealed bag in loft. Lofted. Might not have original stuff sack but will look for them. Will have a big net bag included too for storage.

  • You have PM.

  • Ok, I've been in the loft and found another mat and another down bag that i'd forgot i bought in the states...

    I found a small podsacs cordura stuff sac and stuffed each bag in and took a picture. Bit of a weird flex to use a bottle of whisky for scale but hopefully it will give an idea.­Bu7

    1) Helium solo - Squished to the smallest the stuffsac would go with more squish available if necessary.
    2)Helium 250 - Squished almost all the way. You could probably wrestle it smaller but pretty good
    3) Backcountry Quilt - Squished to the same amount but more girth. bit bulgier on the sides.
    4) Zissou 20 - Couldn't get it all the way in but its rated much much lower temps than the others.

    I had fun anyway.

    I normally prefer not to squish too much as if theres give then its easier to fit other bits around it.

    The other mat i found is a Mountain Equipment Helium 2.5. Bigger than the others but cheaper.

    I'll probably keep one bag and one mat if i can.

  • Hey! Lots to dig through, thanks so much for digging stuff out, some qs -

    • be great to know prices on the sacks, interested in the heliums, keen to know price? Know they can be quite pricey so maybe beyond budget
    • how much did you want for the longflap, it's lovely!
    • What are the ortlieb pieces? do you have any links and price?
    • how much did you want for the mats?

    there's actaully 4 of us going so lots to source!



  • I've PM'd you but basically the more you spend the more you save!

    Let me know ASAP as had a few DMs for bits and bos especially the Longflap and the sleeping bags.

  • I have an as new Carradice Longflap in Black.

    Message me if you're interested.

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Touring bits

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