OG Bowman Palace 52. DuraAce 9000. Rotor chainset. Moved

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  • Going to have to shift my OG palace, too many bikes, not enough time and it’s bloody expensive to take them to Australia!

    Palace frame and carbon fork 52cm
    DA 9000 shifters, brakes, front and rear mechs.
    Rotor 3D chainset (52/36 172.5, 30mm spindle)
    Shimano PF BB.
    BLB Carbon seatpost.
    Fizik Arione saddle.
    Deda Superzero stem (130) and bars (Deda 40)

    Wheels are not included in the sale, nor is garmin mount.

    Item is in Belfast, so will be posted with ParcelForce48 (£30)

    Let’s say £800 plus postage. No splits (yet)

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  • hubba hubba...

  • 👍 nice bike

  • Looks like mine! Great bike, GLWS

  • If everyone could stop being so full of praise, I already don’t want to sell it!

  • it looks crap and overpriced !

  • 😲.... reads poster's previous comment...😁...😅...😂...🤣...

  • That groupset is total rubbish and if/when you split please let me know how much you'd like for it!

  • that's a fair price for that

  • How tall are you for this woeful excuse of a bike... I have a 30" inside leg according to the chart, not that I looked - this is right for 5'7" not that I care... lol.

  • I’m 5”9 with short legs, 30 also.

    Measurements as pictured are 74.5cm BB-saddle top. 54cm saddle tip to stem/bar centre.

    There’s a decent amount of post there and I ride with a decent saddle-bar drop so definitely a lot of room to change, I have a 110 3T stem I can fire on if that works better for someone who definitely isn’t keen on this piece of shit

  • I’m definitely not splitting, or in fact really selling this bike, but it would be £450 for said useless groupset.

  • Isn’t it just?

  • Thanks, great stuff. Ummm... Works out whether needs n+1 again...

  • if you’re on n and I’m on n+2, really you’d just be restoring balance

  • what cassette are you running on that?

  • 6800 11/28, but have had r8000 11/30 on there too. Will include the 6800.

  • That's great, I hope this tempts someone else, my N was two sadly - both old Italian steel but not really modern fitness machines. If I had the space I'd be seriously interested...

  • If no takers this will be for the bay on Sunday evening.

  • What a piece of shit at a garbage price GLWS

  • Makes me question what people are actually spending their money on!?!

  • What kind of shit bike has a rotor crankset on a Shimano Pressfit bottom bracket...

    Actually a nice bike, glws

    Dibs race number mount

  • Rotor 4630 BB, my bad!

  • I am interested in groupset. If you still have it.

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OG Bowman Palace 52. DuraAce 9000. Rotor chainset. Moved

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