Veloci Cycle "Disko" Gravel/Touring build

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  • Hey Community!

    This is the first build I'm gonna post here. I just need a bike to make some nice touring and since I got stuck here about a year ago, I thought I'd share the experience.

    Normally I mostly ride fixed or ss bikes in the northern part of germany. But for commuting reasons, the urge to go on a trip by bike and the wind, which sucks if you're on a fixed gear. I have to build a functional, but sexy gravel/touring/communting bike.

    It will be my first build with gears ( I own some bikes with them, though) and the first bike I own and build with through axles and disc brakes.

    After some time of looking around, falling in love with bikes that are sold out and/or shit (Brothers Cycles Kepler Special Edition). I instantly fell in love with the Veloci Cycle Disko. My original plan was to upgrade some 90s MTB, but now everything is on modern, good available standards and i can just build it.

    Now for the interesting part, I already got/ordered some parts which are:

    Frame: Veloci Cycle "Disko"
    Headset: Wolftooh components Premium Upper and Lower
    Stem: Thomspon Elite Silver
    Bar: Salsa Cowchipper 42cm
    Seatpost: Thompson Elite Silver
    Seatpost clamp: Wolftooth components
    BB: I forgot, some good 113mm BSA
    Crank: Shimano Dura Ace 7402
    Chainring: Wolftooth components 130bcd 42t
    Cassette: SRAM 10-42
    Wheelset: Hunt Mason 650B
    Saddle: Good and trusted Brooks C15 all weather

    For the group and brakes I most probably end up with either Rival 1 or Force 1, a friend of mine works for SRAM and will look what she can do.

    And there it is right now on my wall

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  • I have to build a functional, but sexy gravel/touring/communting bike.

    Say no more.

    Will be following this thread! Awesome frame to start with. Carbon fork?

  • Thank you!

    Maybe you or someone can help me with choosing 160mm brake rotors. Should I just take the SRAM, or something like Swissstop or Ashima? Thought I go 2-piece rotors.

  • I am no disc brake expert. @amey should help you with that.

  • Nope, theres a pretty nice steel fork that comes with the frame! But the headset is arriving friday the earliest. Also we think about doing a Gee Millner style assembly video. So maybe the frame still needs to hang for a few days.

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  • It sounds like it’s not but this would look great/garish with lots of Anodised bits.

  • Oh don’t be fooled. Wolftooth offers a lot of anodized stuff! :D

  • So, the package from the USA has arrived, bringing all the anodized Wolftooth parts. I'm really happy with how they look and feel. Seems to have a good quality. Also my Dura Ace Crankset arrived and some other things arrived too (Tange BB, bartape, stuff...)

    The crankset doesn't look too nice. Need to work a little bit on the scratches and the faded black. But I guess that shouldnt be too hard. Don'T want to end up with a high gloss, though. Also I got myself 30sqm of an old ripped sail to sew a set of bags from.

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  • Looking good!

  • Very nice. I'm happy that purple anodised is a thing again.

  • Also I got myself 30sqm of an old ripped sail to sew a set of bags from.


  • Also I got myself 30sqm of an old ripped sail to sew a set of bags from

    Yes! Pics of the fabric?

  • Green hubs and red bb next plz

  • lol I've got some green chris king hubs laced to black rims with purple nipples lying around that would work so so perfectly - 135 qr's tho, but you can get a conversion kit I believe?

  • Still need to pick it up. I'll post pictures then.

    The bottom bracket is just plain Black and the Hubs are also, since it's a used set of hunts im going to get.

    First little problem I've run into, since I only built up 1" threaded before. My lower Headset doesnt fit the fork. Manufactuerer said ZS44/EC44 should work. But the Fork Race doesn't even come close to fit the fork. Any ideas which lower I need for this? Its a quite small fork race. Might be ZS44/30 then. But there's no such thing from Wolftooth :(

  • So looks like I wont get my wheelset. The seller doesn't answer but police is informed and I opened a paypal case.

    But I still need wheels. Kind of a bummer that I wont get the Hunt 4 Season with WTB Byways as planed for a nice price.

    Now the question is what to get. The Hunts are mostly out of stock in germany, and I started thinking again about going 700c. Also my mind goes around the opportunity of a front dynamo.

    So does anyone here have experience with Shutter Precision dynamos? Thought about building the wheels myself. I've never did that but I could arrange or build up a centering stand.

    Then the question is, which rear hub ( 6-hole disc mounts, 11 speed Sram, not shit and well priced) do I choose and then I would look out for Sapim spokes and most probably still try to get the Hunt rims. Since I want to get tubeless and really like the look and reviews from them.

    Any ideas or tips? Would all be so much easier, living around you guys! :D

  • subbed - looking great, sorry to hear about the wheels.

  • Thank you!

    Actually I came to the conclusion that building the wheels myself would open a new skillset for me and I don't seem to need too much. Other than a centering stand and 1-2 tools.

    Now I'm looking what parts to get. Originally thought to build with a dynamo. But they seem to be one the less efficient site. So a powerbank will do the job and I can build a more traditonal set.

    Idea so far:

    Hunt 650b Adventure Sport Rim
    Sapim Laser spokes
    Sapim 14mm Alu nipples
    And DT Swiss 350 6-hole hubs.

    Plan would be to lace cross them 3 times. But the hund website says they're rims to be laced 2x? I would prefer them on the stiffer site. Thoughts about that?

  • Well I couldn't wait and was frustrated so I started building to calm me down. Worked. But its way too hot to be in the workshop.

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  • looking good! Sounds like it's going to turn out well.

    I like the dura ace crankset

  • Why 6 bolt? Center lock always seemed like a better solution in my view.

  • Because the Wheelset I originally wanted to get cane with 6bolt. So I already got the Discs and everything.

  • Shutter Precision dynamos

    Have you seen the new Kasai hub? Bit more spendy, but fully serviceable.­ct/kasai-fs-hub-replacement-coil-black-o­r-silver/

  • Yes I've seen them. Did a little bit of a research yesterday and I'm again off dynamos. The shutter ones seem to have a noticable drag and for me it should work with a power bank or even solar since most of the rides will be daily or weekend cycles with the ability to charge at coffee places and such.. Might change if i plan a bigger tour but then I would just get another front wheel I guess.

    It's really time for the wheels to arrive, though! Can't wait. The little clips to hold the cables are noth really fitting thought. Maybe they work with the shifter cables but for hydraulics its cable ties so far.

    Also there might be a chance that I will receive the Hunt wheelset I bought initially.

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  • Looking good.

    If you decide to build your own wheels I can recommend the wheel building guide by Roger Musson­/book.php

    If your looking for decent rims have a look at Kinlin. Many of the hunt wheels look like they use Kinlin rims. I’ve built up several different Kinlin rims with dt Swiss 350 and Miche hubs using alpina spokes and they have built up really nicely both 2 or 3 cross. I built them on a homemade truing stand using the instructions by Roger Musson.

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Veloci Cycle "Disko" Gravel/Touring build

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