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  • Rice and lentils is a great long lasting protein/carb combo of you don't mind the cooking time

    Those instant cheesy mash potato packets are really high in calories.

    I'm dartmoor this weekend I made up a recipe of instant Noodles, peanut butter, coconut milk powder and coriander/chili flakes and turned out pretty well and insanely high calories.

  • The can is lined with plastic or resin on the inside that you are burning off and it's leeching into the food.

  • Actually not likely. The cans are heat treated to kill off the bacteria and those coatings withstand much higher temp than you would likely get out of a small flame. It is all food safe coatings to begin with. So the standards are pretty high.

    source: OH who did food tech as undergrad engineering and did internships working at multiple food packaging and canning facilities.

    Although happy to look at anything you have that contradicts that.

  • Few things. The coatings are food safe at storage temperatures. The temperatures when canning never reach anywhere near the smoke point of vegetable oil, that would be insane.
    Taking cooking oil beyond the smoke point creates toxins by itself, burning food safe plastic also
    creates toxins.­s-the-use-of-plastic-containers-in-the-m­icrowave-cause-cancer/
    However, plastics don't contain dioxins. Rather, dioxins are created when plastics and other substances burn or melt
    on heated vegetable oil:­news/11981884/Cooking-with-vegetable-oil­s-releases-toxic-cancer-causing-chemical­s-say-experts.html
    canning temperatures:­d-science/canning
    just reheating in cans is not a great idea­le/earth-talk-can-dont/

  • Super interesting reading. Thank you.

    I'm not entirely convinced that all of that adds up to "don't do it" after a first read, but I need to ponder all of these pieces collectively a bit more when my head is not mush after arguing with code all day.

  • I think the gist of it is once it's burning it's not safe.

  • But it's also delicious, and any long term harm is completely justified in that case (for me at least)

  • watching that video, the can doesn't get hot enough to burn the paper coating or char the tuna, so I do wonder how hot the lining is getting

  • Yeah that is my thinking as well - that it doesn't get hot enough for it to be a genuine concern. But I also understand the general concern.

    But hey, everyone has their own risk profiles. If you're happy, do it, if not, don't.

  • next they'll be saying i can't use my custom hewn lead cutlery, which is actually ideal for touring because it rolls up very small

  • I’m so impressed with people who actually cook from scratch when touring. I’ve tended to rely on packets - savoury rice, pasta etc and sachets of porridge for breakfast. I thinks that’s a combination of trying to recreate the experience of eating vesta meals on childhood camping trips plus wanting to keep thins as light as possible. I confess I have tended to buy lunches which is where I’ve got fresh food / vegetables. I’m amazed I still had my teeth and nails after 3+ weeks of touring.

  • Has anyone here tried

  • ^ Those look great and am tempted but I'm a cheapskate.

    Curretly enjoying camps dinners of veggie curry/tagine/stew in a can and a premixed bag of couscous with stock, ras el hanout/misc spices, salt n pepper, nuts and then a block of parmesan for shavings on top. No ideas about calories but it's tasty like real food and easy to pack n' cook.

  • A cheapskate with parmesan and ras el hanout 😂

  • Yeah.

    Khan's Bargains will sort you out mate.

  • Khan's Bargains

    +1 for Khan's culinary section

  • .

  • Tonight’s touring meal

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  • I've done that. It's delicious. Best camping meal. No shame. Only jealousy.

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  • Done similar myself and then used the leftover duck fat from the confit to fry campfire chips - that was a good evening

  • Good readin

  • The packets of 2minute rice or Idaho instant potato, dehydrated 'broth' vegetables, jerky/biltong and some spices (chipotle chili flakes, salt and black pepper) are usually in my bag stores.
    If near shops for dinner, then tinned or frozen veg, tomatoes, tuna, anything that is 'done' once hot through.

  • Tonight’s touring meal - langue de boef in sauce mader (I have no idea what this is), a small jar of asparagus and rice

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  • beef tongue in madeira(?) sauce

  • Yes! It’s tongue. Good job I don’t mind offal. The picture on the tin doesn’t look like a tongue. Last shop before the campsite and was just about to close so google translate didn’t get a look in

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Touring food

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