Cannondale ratter

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  • This would probably make it a bigger project than you were intending, but if this is for general razzing around, you could flat bar it...

    Just leaving this here

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  • £20 inc post from wiggle! Have taken the modest plunge! Great call. That looks rad, but gone drops as hopefully out for some longish jaunts. We'll do a before and after shot as a .gif. Lol

  • This.
    Compact drops and a yellow saddle all the way!

  • Ironically like the Fizik I sold some months ago. Such is the dynamic! Lol. You're right though.

  • The boss today has been putting staff through his usual short tempered COVID lack of work based purgatory, the day took forever. I wish he'd just put the firm and us out of our misery. I walked past the sarcastic security guard without taking him on tonight as I was burnt out. He sits in reception like a 600lb Guy Garvey, using his job as a base to sell bootleg console games on eBay, foraging for biscuits like a truffle pig from the clients offices and laughing self-appreciatively at his own homophobic jokes. You have to be in the right mood for conversation, he's an acquired taste. The joke about him wedging my macs mouse up his voluminous arse when he was bored at night made my stomach churn.

    Well... pics in the morning this clammy heats been driving me daft I have to work indoors with quite poor air circulation. The seatpost arrived at 350 mm and hit an obstruction in the frame, which turned out to be a bottle boss rivnut, so it's a bit taller than I wanted. I'll get the bike shop to chop a chunk off as it's carbon, I suspect all these daft long posts are something to do with MTBs.

    I struggled to get the stem off the old bars and decided it probably wasn't safe after so much force and rough leading edges. Ideally 90 to 100mm long, the only thing I had kicking about was a 130mm Cinelli 1A in silver, which looks all wrong and is too stretched out, but I'd like to just ride this thing without throwing any more money at it.

    Cinelli cork ribbon doesn't like being reused is something I learned tonight, or maybe it was just dripping with sweat like I was standing in an car wash just put me off my stroke, it looks crap, but it will do. I promised myself that I'd do this tonight but its been like a scaled down crash start of the Moto GP, although to be fair I didn't exactly stare death in the face.

  • Quill stems on tight bend bars, little wonder the industry went with ahead stems, I'm absolutely knackered trying to get the shorter stem on. I didn't want to retape the bars so left one side taped. (In the end both sides came off as I didn't want to disconnect the derailleurs. I'm not currently enjoying this after an hour of fighting with this 26mm combo. Watch this space...

    Just knocked seven shades out of it with a lump of wood... 2hrs later, and sore hands, now it's on. I'd imagine a vision of hell is fitting quill stems to handlebars with differing manufacturers all day. The stems silver, but it cost me £20 posted. Quill stems now fetch crazy prices. The tapes screwed, but it's been on and off 3 times. Still, happy with the progress. Off for a spin in the morning if the storm passes.

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  • Saddles down a tad from the pics.

  • New NOS 105 black rear derailleur added. Due to a strict one in one out policy and a new frame I never thought I'd see that came up stupid cheapz, this unusual Dale is up for sale as of tonight... I'll just have to think of a price. I think it's nigh on zip miles since I restored it, its a great little 650c bike. Normal size frame for those shorter of people with none of the compromise in frame angles or looking like you've joined the circus. Pity... Few small differences in the spec but pretty well as here minus pedals. I have a 30" inside leg.

  • I forgot added a turbo saddle for on point retroness... Pics later

  • Looking good!

  • Thanks mate, as it stands. Might soon be up for sells to offset a Stelbel frame I never thought I'd own. It's been an ambition on a very modest budget.

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  • Mate if this would fit my gf at 5’5 I’d be v keen on this!

  • Have a read mate see what you think.­ml I bought it as I have short legs and like a compact frame. I have a 30" inside leg I can confirm saddle height in the morning, I just bobbed the post in for the progress shot.

  • 650c FTW

  • Clearly. 650c is great. Surprisingly light build too.

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Cannondale ratter

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